Terramar Battery Heated Socks

Terramar Battery Heated Socks

Terramar Battery Heated Socks
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Terramar Battery Heated Socks:

  • Keep your feet warm with heat!
  • Powered by 1 "9V" battery per sock
  • 45% acrylic, 32% high quality wool, 22% polyester and 1% rubber
  • Fabric provides warmth, even without the heat
  • How to use: Insert a 9V battery into the battery pouch and snap the pouch closed to activate the heat. To turn the heat off, just unsnap the battery pouch.

Small = Men's 3-5.5, Ladies 4-6.5,
Medium = Men's 6-8.5, Ladies 7-9.5,
Large = Men's 9-12, Ladies 10-13
X-Large = Men's 12.5-15

Terramar Heating Elements: The heating element of Battery Heat Socks is located within an enclosed area in the bottom of the toe area in the sock. The heating element is padded and protected and will keep your toes and feet warm, without any discomfort. The wires inside the soft black fabric channel run down the length of the inside of the sock. The wires do not produce any heat. Heat Sox are very safe to use and produce a low amperage which eliminates all possibility of shock or burn, even when wet. These socks get warm, but not hot. They perform best when wearing shoes or boots that trap heat that radiates around entire foot.

Battery Life: For best performance, use high quality "9V" alkaline batteries. You'll receive about 4-5 hours of heat. If you use rechargeable batteries, you'll receive about 2-3 hours of heat. Care: Hand wash in warm water with mild detergent. Use a gentle squeezing action to wash and rinse. Hang dry, towel dry or lay flat to dry.

  • Carbon ceramic heating element is reliable and energy efficient, promoting longer battery life
  • Socks are made of a warm, wool-rich material which will help to keep your feet toasty even when the socks are switched off
  • Soft, stretchy cuff provides a more comfortable fit and prevents heat from escaping
  • Gentle, soothing heat can aid in the relief of Raynaud's disease through improving circulation and helping to keep extremities warm
  • Inside of sock is soft, springy, and comfortable, and provides better fit
  • Can be easily hand washed Can provide heat for up to 5 hours Convenient battery pouch is attached to top of sock
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