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Spiky Sling Cleats
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Every winter hundreds of injuries occur as a result of slippery winter walking conditions. Even nonslip shoes or boots don't provide enough traction on ice.SPIKY will work like a studded snow tire, providing effective protection against slipping and falling on any ice-covered surface. Each tread or ice cleat has small steel spikes which penetrate the ice or snow for safer footing.

Spiky shoe covers are compact, lightweight, quick and easy to add to your shoes or boots, SPIKY takes the risk out of winter walking.


  • The original nonslip shoe covers
  • Rubber heel tab - Easy to put on and take off
  • No buckles or ties to fasten
  • Comfortable, lightweight, compact
  • Fits any work or dress shoe, boots or over-shoes, even high heels
  • Easily stored in a Ziploc bag (provided)
  • Ok for driving

Size Charts

  • Small: Up to Shoe Size 7 1/2
  • Medium: Shoe Size 8 to 10 1/2
  • Large: Shoe Size 11 to 13
  • X-Large: Shoe Size 13+
  • PGA Russell Associates, Inc. was founded over 45 years ago by Dr. and Mrs. George Russell. PGA Russell Associates, Inc., is the exclusive importer of the Spiky and Spiky Plus product in the United States. The industrial strength ice cleat for protection on ice and snow. Providing top quality slip and fall protection to policemen, firemen, postal workers and anyone who must get out in the winter.
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