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REV'IT Fusion 3 GTX Winter Gloves
REV'IT Fusion 3 GTX Winter GlovesREV'IT Fusion 3 GTX Winter GlovesREV'IT Fusion 3 GTX Winter GlovesREV'IT Fusion 3 GTX Winter GlovesREV'IT Fusion 3 GTX Winter Gloves

REV'IT Fusion 3 GTX Winter Gloves

REV'IT Fusion 3 GTX Winter Gloves
REV'IT Fusion 3 GTX Winter Gloves
REV'IT Fusion 3 GTX Winter Gloves
REV'IT Fusion 3 GTX Winter Gloves
REV'IT Fusion 3 GTX Winter Gloves
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Fusing the characteristics of high-quality, breathable waterproofing of the Gore-Tex Z-liner with comfort level boosting Exkin Platinum and 3M Thinsulate insulation would be enough to create a serious, winter weather-beating pair of gloves, however with the Fusion 3 GTX our R&D and Innovation departments kicked it up another notch.

High tech, high quality

Designed specifically to work in conjunction with heated grip systems, the inside of the gloves is made to conduct the warmth from your grips, while protecting your fingers from the cold trying to penetrate. So not only will it help retain body heat in these easily chilled parts of the human body, the Fusion 3 GTX will actively draw on the heating from your grips. High-tech insulation keeps your digits up to temperature, while the soft, fur-like liner keeps things comfortable without loss of feel.

Sport-inspired innovation

The protective outer of the glove is assembled from durable, soft, and sensitive goatskin leather, Vapex water-repellant fabric, and PWR|Shell Twill Stretch, covering the Temperfoam protection at the palm, thumb, and knuckle. The TPU hard-shell palm slider has been carried over directly from our sports gloves, as just one standout sport-inspired design cue that highlights the performance-focused and innovative design approach of the Fusion 3 GTX gloves.

Key benefits

  • 100% Waterproof Gore-Tex Membrane
  • Designed For Heated Grips
  • Hard-shell Knuckle Protection

Gore-Tex waterproof liner: Because of the Guaranteed To Keep You Dry promise, this liner keeps water out, yet - with the proper base and/or mid layers - allows moisture to escape, keeping you cool on a warm day, or warm on a cold day.

Connect Fingertip: The Connect Fingertip allows you to do exactly this. Strategically placed on the pointer fingers, set/modify your navigation routes, text friends your location, switch up your playlist, or use it for whatever you need. This feature is especially handy during cold-weather riding, when temperatures can drop at moment's notice and your hands take the hit. Stay warm, comfortable, and in control wherever you find yourself.

3M Thinsulate insulation material: It helps trap and hold body heat while allowing moisture to escape. The extremely fine microfibers in the Thinsulate insulation help trap air and block body radiant heat loss, making it an efficient insulator. The high warmth-to-thickness ratio of this insulation enables garments to be designed with less bulk and enhanced freedom of movement.

Exkin Platinum insulation material: It's an extremely lightweight, soft and warm, multi-layer structure that adds very little thickness to a jacket, trousers, or winter gloves. The optimum choice to keep your body warm, this padding is thin and perfectly soft, but still extremely warm. It is a non-woven fabric that reflects radiant heat loss back to the user in order to prevent convective heat loss when riding in colder climates.

Hard shell palm slider: That's why we've included a hard shell palm slider. It reinforces a vulnerable part of the hand without compromising flexibility or movement. Should you find yourself in an unfortunate mishap, the hard shell structure of the palm slider is designed to let you continue to "slide," and won't catch on various road surfaces. This helps to avoid any abrupt stops that could further damage or create problems to your hand, arm, or body.

Pittards Planette grip patch at palm: A leader in high-quality leather, we use Pittards for the grip patch at the palm in these gloves. The leather grip patch not only gives riders more control over their handlebars but is also comfortable and forms to the shape of the riders' hand.


  • Premium, winter gloves equipped with Gore-Tex breathable waterproofing and innovative insulation
  • Adjustment strap at wrist: The hook-and-loop adjustment strap at the wrist allows for optimum adjustability and fit when using our gloves. Find the ideal tightness and comfort every time it is used.
  • Adjustment tab at cuff
  • Stretch fabric on back of hand
  • Stretch at fingers
  • Stretch at thumb
  • Stretch lips at fingers
  • Closure: Hook-and-loop closure, Wrist strap
  • High loft fur liner: This type of insulation mimics the natural insulation properties of animal fur, a high loft construction; containing more air then fiber; it is a type of natural insulation that traps in the heat.
  • Push-Pull tri-fleece liner: Comfort-boosting liner used in Gore-Tex styles.
  • Conductive fingertip at index finger: Never take off your gloves again to answer your phone or navigation system. The connect fingertip has been specifically designed to operate touch screens.
  • Conductive fingertip at thumb: Never take off your gloves again to answer your phone or navigation system. The connect fingertip has been specifically designed to operate touch screens.
  • Insulation only at backhand
  • Pittards Planette grip patch at palm: Sheepskin with grip-enhancing Planette texture for additional grip at the palm and thumb.
  • Pittards Planette Sheepskin: Water-resistant sheepskin with grip-enhancing Planette texture for additional grip.
  • Pull tab: Fasten the pull tab at the cuff and cold wind is prevented from entering the sleeve, keeping your arms in the comfort zone
  • Regular cuff
  • Stretch at cuff
  • Visor wiper: The material used on the index finger of the glove has a visor wipe function. It helps clear water or moisture off the visor for better visibility when riding in wet weather.
  • Climate Regulation

    • Waterproofing: Gore-Tex Z-liner
    • 3M Thinsulate G 100g: Thinsulate G insulation features large air pockets to trap heat, allowing a garment to remain extremely warm for an extended period of time. The spacious air pockets also allow a garment to remain lightweight and quick to dry.
    • Exkin Platinum insulation material


    • Hard shell knuckle
    • PU injected finger knuckles: REV'IT! gloves feature protection patches on the fingers and knuckles, made of a hard PU protective compound, to keep your hands as safe as possible in the event of an impact.
    • Temperfoam at little finger: Self-contouring foam that is not CE-approved, but still offers a great number of impact-resistant properties, this product is used in areas where mobility and fit are a must, such as the hips. Temperfoam comes in a solid version as well as a perforated version.
    • Temperfoam palm slider
    • Temperfoam thumb knuckle
    • Temperfoam underneath knuckle protector: Premium, comfort and protection enhancing, viscoelastic foam that molds to the rider's knuckles.
    • TPU hard shell palm slider: Palm slider made of a durable and high abrasion resistant TPU material at the palm side of the glove. The palm slider makes sure that the glove slides in case the palm of the hand comes in contact with the asphalt. The abrasion resistance of gloves equipped with these sliders is greatly increased, thus reducing the risk of injury significantly.

    Outer shell material

    • Leather Connect Finger Tip: Never remove your gloves to answer your phone or use your navigation system again. The connect fingertip leather has been developed specifically to operate touch screens.
    • Flock PU: Flocking is the process of adhering small fibre particles (called flock) onto a surface. This process creates a texture that picks up water.
    • Goatskin drum dyed with WR finish
    • PWR|Shell stretch
    • Softshell 3L


    • Laminated reflective logo at cuff
    • Laminated reflective logo at finger

Wash & Care:

  • Do not wash, Do not bleach, Do not tumble dry, Do not iron, Do not dry clean

Certification: These gloves are certified according to the EN 13594 Standard, published in 2015 and have achieved level 1 KP rating.

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