Perfect Sleep Pad Knee Pad Only

Perfect Sleep Pad Knee Pad Only

Perfect Sleep Pad Knee Pad Only
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Helps reduce edema, swelling and pain associated with the knee.


  • Helps reduce edema, swelling and pain associated with knee surgery.
  • Reduces swelling associated with knee sprain and sports injury.
  • Pain control for chronic knee stiffness.

This Product Requires The Control Unit To Operate.

Please note, this product is not intended to be used while sleeping.

The Perfect Sleep Pad is a heating and cooling pad for your mattress with a precise temperature control system that ranges from 46 to 118 degrees Fahrenheit.

Using a network of micro tubes, this cooling mattress pad regulates the surface temperature of your mattress by actively circulating water throughout the night.

This cooling pad is here to help with insomnia. You can now control the temperature on your side of the bed without disrupting your partner, enabling both of you to enjoy uninterrupted deep slumber.

Wondering how to sleep better on those stuffy and uncomfortable nights? The Perfect Sleep Pad provides the ideal sleep temperature control at the convenient touch of a button.

Flowing through soft coils water contained within the mattress pad adjusts the temperature of the surface of the bed to that desired. Only water flows through the mattress pad and any temperature change happens in the control unit which can be conveniently placed beside the bed. Switching from a comfortable cooling mattress pad to a warm electric blanket alternative is easy and as simple as adjusting the control.

With the ability to fluctuate the water temperature 72F or 40C at full programmed range (with a sleep temperature as cool as low as 46F / 8C and a sleep temperature as warm as 118F / 48C), only a fraction of the electrical operating cost of air-conditioning is incurred: very low electricity cost to operate, proving a cool mattress pad or a warm mattress pad for very little. The quiet running motor operates under 40 dBa (virtually silent). While the Perfect Sleep Pad machine has a panel to control the temperature each unit comes with a hand-held remote with the temperature controlled in one degree increments.

It has been medically proven that sleeping on a cooler surface derived from a sleep pad where a consistent sleep temperature is achieved, such as The Perfect Sleep Pad or a Chili Pad by Chili Technologies one can increase the quality of REM sleep.


  • Reduces Hot Flashes Night Sweats.
  • Sleeping cool helps you fall asleep faster and achieve more deep sleep.
  • You can improve muscle recovery by as much as 30% when you sleep cold.
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