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Peet SafeKeeping Dryer

Peet SafeKeeping Dryer
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The age-old problem of unwanted moisture damaging expensive guns while stored in safes and cabinets has been resolved. Using the same proven technology that has been reliably drying footwear and gear for decades, gun damage is now a thing of the past.

Liberty Safe _ the #1 seller of full-size residential safes in the U.S. _ tested SafeKeeping PEET and had this to say: \xF1We think that your dryer offers a new and better approach to the problem of keeping unwanted moisture from collecting on the valuables placed in our safes.\xEE
  • Circulating air keeps contents free from rust and mildew damage
  • Reliable, unlike many of the drying agents
  • Starts working immediately when activated
  • Maintenance free
  • Just plug it in and forget it
  • No batteries to have to mess with
  • Completly safe
  • ETL approved
A new and better solution in keeping unwanted moisture from damaging valuables placed in safes. Effectively manages the air inside the box to guarantee contents will always be free of unwanted moisture.

PEET's natural thermal convection produces a gentle, dry air that flows throughout the safe or cabinet's interior - slightly warming the air - thus eliminating harmful humidity. *same proven technology used in the trustworthy Original Peet Dryer.
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