Original PVA Cooling Towel - Blue

Original PVA Cooling Towel - Blue

Original PVA Cooling Towel - Blue
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Size: 13" x 29"

PVA Cooling Towel: A hyper-evaporative material thatís the latest in cooling innovation, this Poly Vinyl Acetal (PVA) material retains water while remaining dry to the touch to provide sweet cooling relief on those sweltering days.

LIGHTWEIGHT: Unlike traditional cooling products that use acrylic polymers, the PVA material eliminates the bulkiness.

NO RESIDUE: Forget the slimy feel that can come with traditional cooling solutions, the PVA material doesnít turn into a gooey mess.

ACTIVATES QUICKLY & EASILY: Simply soak in water and within minutes you can enjoy coolness for hours. Perfect to have on-hand if a worker displays symptoms of heat stress.

MINIMAL MAINTENANCE: Reusable, simply re-soak and youíre good to go. Machine washable.

IDEAL HEAT STRESS SOLUTION: These products aid in keeping core body temperatures in check, resulting in more comfortable and safe working conditions in high heat environments.

How do cooling towels keep you cool? The towels are made of highly absorbent and evaporative material. Once wet, the towel produces a cooling affect with the help of simple evaporation. As long as the towel is wet, exposed to the air and allowed to breathe, the towel will evaporate and cool the user.

How do I reactivate my towel when it stops cooling? Simply re-wet the towel with cool water to reactivate the evaporative cooling process.

Can I put the PVA cooling towel in the freezer or refrigerator? The PVA towel can be placed in a refrigerator, but not in a freezer. Since the PVA towel material is loaded with water when in use, placing in the freezer will cause it to freeze and become brittle. Be sure to wash the towel before using and storing. We recommend putting the towel in a re-sealable storage bag in the refrigerator.

What happens if my PVA towel dries out and becomes stiff? Simply re-wet the towel by soaking it in warm water. Once it becomes soft, wring out the excess water and re-wet with cool water prior to use. DO NOT try to separate or fold the towel when stiff as it may damage the towel.

How long will the PVA towel last? With proper care and storage the towels will last and provide evaporating cooling for several years.

Can the PVA towel be cut? Yes, the towel has an internal mesh reinforcing material that will allow you to cut it into any shape that fits your needs.

Can I wear my PVA towel under clothes at night or when I am sleeping? No, we do not recommend it. In order to evaporate effectively, the towels should be allowed to breathe and be exposed to air when in use. In fact, turning the towel periodically when in extended use will help the evaporation and cooling process and allow skin to "breathe" as well.

Is the PVA towel material recyclable? Yes, the organic nature of the material allows the towel to be ground up and blended with soil to help dry soil retain moisture. Itís completely inert and will slowly decompose and become a part of the environment.

My skin developed what looks to be a rash while using the PVA towel. What happened?: While the PVA material is medically safe and has been tested to be non-allergenic, prolonged uninterrupted use may cause redness or a mild rash to individuals with very sensitive skin. The towel material is so absorptive that if it begins to dry out and starve for moisture it can pull moisture and oil from your skin, resulting in redness or mild rash. The best solution is to make sure the towel has plenty of moisture in it and to take a break from using it every hour. If you experience a reaction, discontinue the use of the towel immediately.
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