Odlo Ceramicool Women's BLACKCOMB PRO Singlet
Odlo Ceramicool Women's BLACKCOMB PRO SingletOdlo Ceramicool Women's BLACKCOMB PRO SingletOdlo Ceramicool Women's BLACKCOMB PRO SingletWatch Video for Odlo Ceramicool Women's BLACKCOMB PRO Singlet

Odlo Ceramicool Women's BLACKCOMB PRO Singlet

Odlo Ceramicool Women's BLACKCOMB PRO Singlet
Odlo Ceramicool Women's BLACKCOMB PRO Singlet
Odlo Ceramicool Women's BLACKCOMB PRO Singlet
Odlo Ceramicool Women's BLACKCOMB PRO Singlet
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Make light work of every run this summer with the BLACKCOMB PRO Singlet for women. This ZEROWEIGHT running vest has been created using CERAMICOOL fabrics that actively transfer heat away from your skin, leaving you feeling fresh and cool over any distance. An athletic fit with body-mapped ventilation channels allows for optimum comfort and dryness, meaning you'll never feel weighed down when the heat is on. ZeroScent technology eliminates odour build-up giving total confidence both during and after exercise, whilst reflective detailing promotes visibility in lower light - allowing you to set the pace for longer. Created for the serious summer competitor, the BLACKCOMB PRO Singlet from ODLO will make this warm season a winning one.


  • Active Cooling
  • Seamless
  • Athletic fit
  • Body-Mapped Ventilation
  • Reflective Details
  • Odour Control
  • 73% Polyamide, 27% Polyester
  • 175 cm tall and is wearing size S


  • Machine wash cold (30)
  • Do not bleach
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Do not iron
  • Do not dry clean


  • LIGHT provides optimum comfort in all situations and in all weather conditions throughout the entire year. Versatile year-round sports clothing. Excellent moisture wicking properties.
    • high breathability
    • fast drying
    • maximum comfort
    • fast moisture transport
  • CERAMICOOL is an active cooling technology, which cools your skin temperature by up to 1C and facilitates optimal physical performance during your activity.
    • active cooling
    • breathable
    • soft touch
    • ODLO is a member, with leader status, of the Fair Wear Foundation (FWF), which endeavours to improve labour conditions in the textile industry worldwide. FWF verifies that producers abide to their code of conduct and make appropriate improvements. As a multi-stakeholder initiative, FWF's independence is guaranteed because it is governed by trade unions, NGOs and business associations. Transparency and accountability are key principles of the organisation.
    • FWF members work towards improving the labour conditions in factories that produce sewn textiles all over the world. The basis of the collaboration between FWF and its members is its code of labour practices. Eight labour standards form the core of this code of conduct. FWF members are contractually obliged to comply with these standards.
    • FWF verifies whether companies comply with the code of labour practices through factory audits and complaint procedures, through audits of its members' management systems and through extensive stakeholder consultations in producer countries. FWF shares its knowledge and (local) contacts with its member companies, providing them with access to information on local legislation, labour legislation and culture.
    • Members are required to set up an effective monitoring system, including factory audits, factory trainings and factory visits. FWF has a complaint procedure that enables factory workers to anonymously report any abuses related to labour conditions. To raise workers' awareness of labour rights, FWF also offers Workplace Education Programme.
    ZeroScent maximizes your fun by minimizing body odour. The anti-odour technology is organic-based and prevents odorous substances from penetrating the fibres. The only thing you don't do is feeling smelly!
    • odour control
    • comfort everyday
    • sustainable finishing


We were born in Norway over 70 years ago out of a need to create quality performance clothing that could function in notoriously harsh conditions. Innovating is in our DNA! We are the original inventors of functional sports underwear and have been innovating ever since, creating exceptional products for active lifestyles all year round. We strive to stay one step ahead, weaving our Norwegian heritage and Swiss engineering into modern, functional and comfortable sports apparel.

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