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MiraCool Cooling Bandana 100 Pack

MiraCool Cooling Bandana 100 Pack

MiraCool Cooling Bandana 100 Pack
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The MiraCool bandana is simple and effective way to beat the heat. Simply hydrate in cool water, then wear around your head or neck to experience instant cooling relief. Avoid the effects of heat stress, and stay outdoors longer with this great personal cooling devise.
  • Filled with special "MiraCool Crystals"
  • Cooling Crystals can hold up to 1000 times their weight in water
  • 100% Cotton Fabric for comfort
  • Approximate Dimensions: 34" Length, 2" Width
  • Reusable Over & Over
  • Works without freezing or ice
  • Increases alertness and productivity
  • Great for Hot Flashes
  • Trusted by Millions
MiraCool Bandana Instructions:
  • Soak MiraCool\xAC In Cold Water For 10-20 Minutes
  • Stays Hydrated For Several Days
  • Reusable Thousands Of Times
  • Works Without Freezing Or IceMiraCool\xAC products are ideal for working outside or indoors in hot conditions. Perfect for a factory,construction, laundry roomworkers, welders, painters, chefs or anyone trying to stay cool and comfortable.MiraCool Neck Coolers
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