Merino Skins Unisex Long Sleeve Half Zip Front - White
Merino Skins Unisex Long Sleeve Half Zip Front - WhiteMerino Skins Unisex Long Sleeve Half Zip Front - WhiteMerino Skins Unisex Long Sleeve Half Zip Front - WhiteMerino Skins Unisex Long Sleeve Half Zip Front - WhiteMerino Skins Unisex Long Sleeve Half Zip Front - White

Merino Skins Unisex Long Sleeve Half Zip Front - White

Merino Skins Unisex Long Sleeve Half Zip Front - White
Merino Skins Unisex Long Sleeve Half Zip Front - White
Merino Skins Unisex Long Sleeve Half Zip Front - White
Merino Skins Unisex Long Sleeve Half Zip Front - White
Merino Skins Unisex Long Sleeve Half Zip Front - White
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Merino Skins - Unisex Long Sleeve Half Zip Front - White.

Mid Weight Merino Base Layer - 230 gsm

Merino Skins are stylish, high-performance base layer thermal wear combining fashion with function. Made from the finest, softest, Australian merino wool, Merino Skins high-performance activewear garments are the perfect, contemporary range, merging exclusive designs with the benefits of wool's remarkable natural properties.

Merino Skins provide the power to keep you going.

These are the super warm half zip long sleeve thermals you want to be wearing this coming freezing winter!

Suitable for both men and women!

Thermoregulation and moisture control of the body - The key to greater performance is keeping the bodies temperature at its optimum comfort level. Merino Skins underwear constantly monitors the body's temperature and moisture levels and naturally adjust body temperature to maintain the optimum comfort level. Merino Skins in cold or damp environments instantly generates heat through a unique molecular process known as the heat of sorption. In hot or warm environments, Merino Skins release moisture as vapor, thus cooling down the body. Truly natures miracle thermostat.

Superior wicking abilities - Merino Skins rapidly absorb sweat and pump it through to the outer layer where it quickly spreads and evaporates. This powerful wicking sweat transport system keeps you dry throughout the strenuous exercise- up to 27% more than synthetics.

Absorbs odours - Merino Skins evaporates perspiration and thereby eliminates the breeding ground for odour-causing bacteria.

Features and Specifications:

  • Double Knit Interlock Fabric
  • 100% Fine Australian Merino Wool
  • Flatlock shoulder seams for chafe-free comfort
  • Superior wicking abilities
  • Absorbs Odours - keeping you fresh
  • High Level of inbuilt UV Protection
  • Dries Quickly
  • Static Free
  • Flame Resistant
  • Natural environmentally friendly fibres
  • Superwash - Fully Machine Washable and Dryable - easy care
  • Australian Made

Care Instructions:

  • Warm Machine Wash
  • Do not bleach (no chlorine)
  • Warm Iron
  • May be tumble dried on warm heat

Note: This garment is unisex styled. Eg. Men Small size = Womens Medium size.

View size charts:

  • Mens XS / Ladies S
  • Mens S / Ladies M
  • Mens M / Ladies L
  • Mens L / Ladies XL
  • Mens XL / Ladies XXL
  • Mens XXL / Ladies 3XL

Female - LAUREN:

  • Height: 173cm/5.6 feet
  • Waist: 70cm/27 inch
  • Bust: 88cm/35 inch
  • Hip: 95cm/38 inch

Lauren is wearing LADIES size M for loose fit


  • Height: 181cm/5.9 feet
  • Chest: 96cm/38 inch
  • Waist: 78cm/31 inch

Michael is wearing MENS size L

Almost all merino wool base layer garments on the market are made from a fabric known as single knit or jersey fabric. These fabrics are knitted possessing only one single layer – this knitting style can be compared to ladies stockings, where if a small hole or run appears in the fabric, the fabric pulls away like a drawstring and is ruined for life. Single knit jersey fabric is primarily used to save cost as there is less wool in the fabric, this however also results in compromising fabric performance with reduced garment life despite the actual wool fiber being of high quality.

This is why so many experience competitors garments giving up only after a few washes.

Merino Skins however are made from a superior fabric known as double knit or interlock fabric -where two layers of fabric are interlocked together – resembling a 2 ply construction, resulting in a fabric that is super soft, durable and long lasting.

Our fabric is run-resistant, firmer and much more stable than all the merino products on the market today. This is why our garments can be machine washed (no hand washing necessary) and can be tumble dried warm and will last and last.

Our double knit interlock fabric provides a much higher level of insulation than competitors single knit garments due to our twin set of yarns knitted together resulting air pockets formed between the two sets of yarns, trapping warm air between the fibers providing a superior level of insulation  – ensuring Merino Skins will keep you warm when you need it most.

Thousands of Merino Skins users around the world have already experienced the double knit interlock fabric difference.

Underwear Specialists
Ktena Knitting Mills is Australia's leading thermal underwear manufacturer. As underwear specialists for over 20 years, we manufacture only warm under-garments and are thus able to concentrate on improving and extending our product range to meet the demands of our customers.

Vertical Structure
All our garments are manufactured "in-house" beginning from the raw yarn to the packaged product. Skilled technicians design our fabrics and individually set the machinery to produce the required sizing and styles. Garment designers, cutters, sewing and packing personnel all work within the same premises to ensure that all departments are at close range and can work together efficiently.

We have established strict quality control measures that occur at the highest level before leaving the premises. Our dedicated and qualified staff work together as a team and have been instrumental in the culmination of our respectable reputation as manufacturers of high-quality garments.

Extensive experience
The company supplies businesses throughout Australia. It also exports worldwide, including the USA and Asia and has recently ventured into the European market.

World Standard Clientele
Ktena Knitting Mills has been supplying some of the most renowned and prestigious companies for many years. Repeat business from small and larger companies has enabled us to develop and maintain our reputation as "the thermal underwear experts" who offer quality and service.


In 2013 after 30 plus years of Australian Manufacturing - following the tragic passing of the matriarch of the family Maria - the Tseprailidis Family sold the business to Merino & Jumbuck Company.

Merino & Jumbuck operated the business briefly for approx. 4 years.

In January 2018, the Tseprailidis family bought back the business from Merino Jumbuck and continue with the original quality and styles as we always have. We have relocated the factory to new premises in Oakleigh where we manufacture all of our original and new and innovative ranges of Ktena, Thermo Fleece and Merino Skins thermal merino wool underwear.

We are very excited to continue the journey and steer the company in the correct direction. We look forward to serving the public with the highest quality, well made, relevant designed garments for many more years to come.

The word Ktena comes from the town of Ktena, a small village in the State of Kozani Greece, where the original founders of the company Maria and Taso Tseprailidis where born.

Many people mispronounce the name as ketna, however, it is pronounced as K-Tena.

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