Macna Men's Foton Raintex Heated Gloves

Macna Men's Foton Raintex Heated Gloves

Macna Men's Foton Raintex Heated Gloves
Macna Men's Foton Raintex Heated Gloves
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Macna Men's Foton Raintex Heated Gloves


  • Weather type: Waterproof / All seasons.
  • Materials: Goatskin, Fybrex.
  • Lining: Raintex membrane, Bemberg.
  • Protection: EVA knuckle protection, EVA palm and thumb.
  • Other Specs: Electrically heated, Includes 2 batteries and charger, Ergonomic thumb, 30 degree buckle, Touch tip, Screen cleaner, Adjustable strap on wrist and cuff.


  • Colors: Black
  • Comfort: Ergonomic thumb, Electrically heated, Wiper, Waterproof
  • Functionality: Control touch screen
  • Material: Leather, Textile
  • Safety:Protection on knuckles, Protection on palm
  • Style: Touring - Adventure
  • Suitable For: Gentlemen
  • Technology: Ergothumb, Raintex, Touch Tip, 30 Degree Buckle, Water exhaust
  • Weather Type: Winter, Rainy


  • Materials: Bemberg, Fybrex, Goatskin
  • Weight: 1
  • Power Supplies: Batteries and charger included

Over Macna

Dutch Design: Our country is known for it abroad: Dutch Design. What does that actually mean? Minimalist, innovative, unconventional and often with a touch of humor - these are terms that are often used. The same could be said about Macna's product design. Throw functionality, usability and security into the mix and you have the recipe for the philosophy! In the R&D department, the designers work like a well-oiled machine, looking for the balance between technology and fashion, with the aim of improving your motorcycle ride. Rumor has it that they don't even have office chairs, but do their job from the saddle of the motorcycle. To be honest, that's not even far-fetched: at several points during the design process, the computers are shut down and the engines started. Time to test!

How it started: About 30 years ago they were experimenting with gloves and came up with a new production method to make gloves more affordable and waterproof. These gloves became a success the start of something beautiful! Not long after, they launched their first jacket. It didn't look in any way like the Macna jackets you see today, but it did have the razor-sharp price/quality ratio that they still strive for today. Since then, they have always paid a lot of attention to innovation in motorcycle clothing. Some concepts were grand, others just details - but always designed to contribute to a better driving experience. To name a few: the Sandwich System, Vision Vest, Summer Comfort System, Twin Shell, Night Eye. and even as the brand grows worldwide, they will always keep working on this!

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