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Lenz Space Dryer 2.0 Boot and Shoe Dryer - 120V

Lenz Space Dryer 2.0 Boot and Shoe Dryer - 120V

Lenz Space Dryer 2.0 Boot and Shoe Dryer - 120V
Lenz Space Dryer 2.0 Boot and Shoe Dryer - 120V
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Dry your shoes, textiles and glove with the new Lenz Dryer!

  • dries shoes, textiles, gloves
  • energy-efficient, short drying time
  • gentle on the material
  • overheating protection

Package Content

  • 1 space dryer 2.0
  • 1 dispenser with 2 extension hoses


Heating element: PTC Element with heat
exchanger, high air exchange thanks to
high air flow, temperature regulation,
overtemperature protection

Supply Voltage

EU: 240 VAC / 50 Hz
US: 120 VAC / 60 Hz

Heating Power

EU/US: 1 x 30 Watt

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Wet-be-gone. Slip the Lenz Space Dryer 2.0 into your soggy ski boots, gloves, hiking shoes, and any wet footwear for tomorrow's adventure. This PTC heating element stays at a constant temperature so your gear doesn't overheat overnight, and there's an adjustment to dry faster or slower. These flexible tubes accommodate big boots, small shoes, and mittens with ease, and they are gentle on the material. Fragrance sheets make sure your boots don't smell anything but fresh come morning.
Want to know what makes a brand legit for heated socks, gloves and other heated apparel. Lenz is the official outfitter for the Austrian Olympic team and also for the Liechtenstein Ski Association. Those credentials cannot be faked, and Lenz is the real deal for those who love to hit the slopes. No matter which Lenz garment you purchase, Lenz has one style of battery. No more guessing if the Lenz battery will fit your item! Since 1987, Lenz products have met the highest demands in sports. Their toecap technology in heated socks and fingercap technology in heated gloves are among the best available today. Never freeze again, with the Lenz Body Heat System!
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