Kool Breeze

Kool Breeze Solar Cooling Fan Hard Hat

Kool Breeze Solar Cooling Fan Hard Hat
Kool Breeze Solar Cooling Fan Hard Hat
Kool Breeze Solar Cooling Fan Hard Hat
Kool Breeze Solar Cooling Fan Hard Hat
Kool Breeze Solar Cooling Fan Hard Hat
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Stay cool and comfortable on the job with this innovative cooling solar powered hard hat. The Kool Breeze Solar Hard Hat delivers powerful ventilation with a built-in fan and a high/low switch that lets you adjust the airflow. The solar powered hard hat fan works both indoors and out, making it great for any job site. With its integrated fan and thin solar panels, the hard hat remains light-weight so it won't slow you down or add any extra bulk to your gear.


  • Lightweight, yet rugged polyethylene shell (HDPE) offers excellent head protection
  • Full Brim
  • 2 Speed Level: High/low switch to adjust flow of air throughout the hat
  • Accu-fit 8pt adjustable ratchet suspension system; bends at flex points to conform to the head for added comfort
  • Large ratchet knob adjusts easily - with or without gloves
  • Portable wall charger (for the days that you are not in the sun)
  • Complies with Osha; ANSI / ISEA Z89.1 standards; Type I, Class C
  • Rechargeable Battery life (3 to 4 yrs)
  • Charge time: At least 2.5 hours. The light on the battery will turn to a solid green once fully charged.

A Kool Breeze Solar Hat is like no other hat in the world. It is a tightly woven natural weave hat that keeps you cool when it's hot.. First, sunlight hits the cell mounted on the top of the hat. Electricity is produced by a protected motor mount on the hat crown along with a lightweight PVC air guided fan that begins to spin when the motor is energized by sunlight. The fan then fills the hat with cooling air, venting it both throughout the hat's weave and out the back through an exit port.

The Environmental Protection Agency, Surgeon General and The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends wearing a wide brimmed hat as part of an overall sun protection program to help protect against the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays.

Your head alone can perspire as much as all the rest of your body, as that is the first place your heart pumps the blood. In fact, your head is responsible for some 20% of the body's heat output, which is why covering your head in the winter works so well. In the hot months, the reverse is true. Natural perspiration produced by your scalp, with a little breeze of air, can be evaporated to produce cooling for your head and the rest of the body. When you wear a Kool Breeze Hat, your head's perspiration is continually evaporated and your head stays cool. The cooled blood flow then circulates down through the rest of your body producing marvelous comfort even in the hottest weather

Kool Breeze is a hat manufacturing company that specializes is developing climate change tech wear. We are a California based company and we were established in 2016. We now provide patented solar safety helmets and straw hats worldwide. Our safety helmet instantly absorbs and saves power generated from UV rays. It has a powerful hi-low switch and a convenient on-off button. The straw hat, which can now be found in over 70 Walmart's and online, is a perfect outdoor component to fight off the sun's hot rays.

We have over a decade of valuable experience in testing, manufacturing and evaluating innovative solar cooling hats. Our one of a kind products have been designed to address the one common denominator for outdoor or extensive labor: the sun.

We pride ourselves on being a customer-based company that values the satisfaction and safety of each customer.

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By Eliza
It’s awesome
August 2, 2023
Everyone keeps asking me where I got it.
Worn all 2022 summer
May 5, 2023
Going to be wearing this hardhat again but this time is going to be on a 5 story flat commercial roof doing pressure washing. I previously wore this hardhat in 2022 doing excavation work under the florida hot sun in summer and the solar lived up to i never even charge this H.H. but a couple time by wire. it actually saved my life i believe also its not like have airconditioning but i helps vent the hot air i could feel like it would tickle my top head, and i ussualy used cooling towels of some sort but i never had to use them i still change my work shirt at break to put on dry clothing otherwise i cant stand stay working in a sweated out shirt let alone pants, so i bring shirts and wears coolest fast dry pants in summer not blue jeans are you crazy
  • solar charger was amazing GOOD to be able charge and use all day florida sun though mind you. i and took lots of bumps and even rained on is practically water proof from outside i have even spill water on inside thought i shorted it still works good going on my second season summer well see but i think worth every penny thus far and ive had complements about it looks cool too
  • the suspension connector broke in one spot but after heavy construction use mind you i do concrete high rise construction, and the doy offer a replacement suspension which im going to get replace soon but still useable as is after a whole summer of use out doors. i would like see if anything that you could send Hardhat for a checkup with MFG. like if ineed fix charging system proprietory
By Rca
December 19, 2021
Has anyone tried this to alleviate hair loss during chemo treatment?
By Jay
August 5, 2021
In the sun 8-10 a day and it doesn’t take a charge, when trying to use the portable wall charger not only is the cable literally 3” but the battery is recessed into the hardhat and the port isn’t accessible.
By Tom
I haven't got one yet
June 12, 2021
Is it approved by OSHA and well it accept my Husqvarna ear muffs and safety face shield
By Virginia
Product received promptly
May 30, 2021
Would definitely purchase from here again
By Anonymous
Houston texas
Solar power
March 21, 2021
Dont think they put much effort in the solar power but i eill tell it last 9hrs battery and it will keep your hair dry and you will not get heat exhaustion. It makes a difference. I work in the refineries
By Jacob
Works great at keeping sweat out of your face
August 17, 2020
I work inside and outside of large storage tanks and there isnt a while lot of air flow most of the time. This hard hat has been worth every penny so far! I just keep it on low and it runs for around 3-4 hours on one charge. It's not going to be like having A/C on your head, but it definitely helps keep Kors head cool and cuts down on the sweating that would get in your face. I'm not 100% sure its OSHA certified l, but it runs on brushless fan motors, meaning its magnetic and therefore shouldn't be causing any sparks. I say shouldn't, but don't hold me to it. You never can be too safe. That being said I've had mine for about 4 weeks now of use and the occasional clank off the top of a steel floating roof or cracking it off a man way while crawling through with no issues.
  • Battery life is good all things considered
  • High/low setting
  • The fans, obviously
  • The biggest problem has to be 100% the harness It is a little wonky, keeps coming undone whenever I bend over. Could use a better suspension/ratchet system. Plus the way the ratchet sits behind your ears pushes most safety glasses off your face. My other hard hats never had this problem, but they also didn't have a fan.
  • No hard hat light mount (more of a personal con considering my field of work with it is 90% dark places)
  • Wish it came in more color options
By Pablo
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Great Idea, needs improvement
August 9, 2020
The idea is there, however, it was not implemented very well. The two fans are too small to make it worth the extra effort to wear a heavier and bulkier helmet. The noise from the fans might drive some people crazy. I drilled holes in the front of the hardhat to increase airflow, much to the dismay of my company safety director. To be fair, I work in the asphalt paving industry, so the heat is brutal and I don't know if anything would be much help most days.
  • Solar power is a great concept...will run all day on the sun's rays. BUT it must be charged every day or it is useless.
  • Hardhat needs to be charged every night
By Anonymous
Approved or Not
May 19, 2020
Are they approved by OSHA??
By Veronica
October 15, 2019
Are these hard hats approved by OSHA?
By William B.
May 29, 2019
Working construction in the hot sun is no problem with this hat. I am cool!
By Rip
New Orleans, LA
Very Useful
May 28, 2019
I am an engineer and working under the heat of the sun is really a problem. This Cooling hard hat has done the trick to keep me cool!