Ice Spike Screw-in Ice Grips
Ice Spike Screw-in Ice GripsIce Spike Screw-in Ice GripsIce Spike Screw-in Ice Grips

Ice Spike Screw-in Ice Grips

Ice Spike Screw-in Ice Grips
Ice Spike Screw-in Ice Grips
Ice Spike Screw-in Ice Grips
Ice Spike Screw-in Ice Grips
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  • Product Description
ICESPIKE is a semi-permanent traction system that can be mounted on any running or walking shoe, hiking or work boot, quickly and easily. Take any pair of footwear, attach ICESPIKE\xBB, and enjoy outdoor fun and peace of mind on any terrain in any season!
  • One Size fits All
  • Simple & fast installation
  • Tool quality steel to maintain hardness and integrity of grip
  • Deluxe Package Includes: 1 Precision Tool + 32 spikes
The unique patented design of ICESPIKE\xBB provides unsurpassed surface penetration and stability which allows the wearer to feel at ease in conditions that would normally feel treacherous. ICESPIKE\xBB\xCDs versatility makes them wearable anywhere in any season. From walking the dogs to ultra running, from youngsters to seniors, everyone can use ICESPIKE\xBB and one size fits all!

ICESPIKE is unlike any other traction product on the market. It\xCDs an amazing, innovative concept because they are....

SIMPLE: No straps! No coils! No chains! No bulky attachments! ICESPIKE\xBB ice spikes end frustration with inadequate strap-on devices. Any footwear can be easily winterized with the semi-permanent ice spikes into ice safety shoes or ice safety boots.

EFFECTIVE: ICESPIKE\xBB provides outstanding traction in all conditions, whether ice, snow, or any treacherous terrain. ICESPIKE\xBB ice spikes won\xCDt shift, break, fall off, get lost or left behind.

LIGHTWEIGHT: ICESPIKE\xBB adds no additional weight and won\xCDt affect gait or cause muscle fatigue or injury. You don\xCDt even know you\xCDre wearing them!

DURABLE: The ICESPIKE\xBB ice spike is a specifically engineered design for extreme traction to insure unsurpassed hardness and long-lasting integrity of the grip.

Get the ICESPIKE\xBB EDGE and put the FUN back in Winter!

Are you concerned about encountering icy patches on the road ahead or risky winter trail conditions? ICESPIKE\xBB outfitted shoes and boots allow you to safely make the transition from normal conditions on passable roadways and paths to slippery or icy areas with ease and safety!

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