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Heat Experience HeatX Heated Outdoor Gloves
Heat Experience HeatX Heated Outdoor GlovesHeat Experience HeatX Heated Outdoor Gloves

Heat Experience HeatX Heated Outdoor Gloves

Heat Experience HeatX Heated Outdoor Gloves
Heat Experience HeatX Heated Outdoor Gloves
Heat Experience HeatX Heated Outdoor Gloves
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HeatX Heated Outdoor glove & Mitten is the perfect blend of comfort, style and quality. Made with a classy design based on genuine goat leather lined with 100g Primaloft insulation and waterproof and breathable membrane. Whether you're biking to work or hitting the slopes, these will keep you dry, warm and stylish. The heating elements are located on the top of the hand and extend all the way down the fingertips, for full extremity coverage.

Recommended temperature: +0C to -15C


  • 2 rechargeable 2200mAh Li-ion polymer batteries
  • Heating element down each finger
  • Touchscreen friendly fingertip
  • Flexible goatskin palm
  • Form-fitted unisex design
  • Up to 5 hours battery life
  • 3 heating levels
  • Primaloft insulation
  • Highly durable materials
  • Weather resistant fabrics
  • Size: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL

Heat Experience consists of a bunch of enthusiastic outdoor people who understand cold surroundings, as we come from Norway. Arctic temperatures might cause dreams of warm islands, but we dreamt about making battery-powered heated clothing instead, and in 2016 we started designing.

Our Products

We at Heat Experience believe in delivering high quality and high functioning products. The design process has considered both aesthetics and comfort, and we wanted to make heated clothing that was optimized for cold European conditions. The products are designed in Norway, and our team has handpicked all materials to ensure they not only wear well, but wick well to eliminate moisture. Wicking is very important for heated clothing, more so than other traditional outdoor gear, and our fabrics have been chosen to provide optimal wicking to keep you dry. When it comes to heat, our heated clothing provides active heat to the user as needed. Through rechargeable batteries, and easy to choose from heating levels, the heat will be ready when and where you need it.

Throughout the design process, we have established good relationships with our suppliers in China, and we have worked with them hands on through several visits to Shenzhen. The different products are manufactured by different suppliers with expertise in their specific field. For example, we have a separate clothing and insole manufacturers to ensure they are made well and to our high standards. Heat Experience, currently, has five different products in the portfolio, with a total of seven different models and three different manufacturing cooperatives. Our team has prototyped and chosen, out of many options, what we believe to be the best fabrics, finishes and functionality to meet the needs of the wearer and be the best product we can produce. We are confident enough in our work to offer a two-year warranty on all our products, just in case.

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