BodyCap CryoVest Comfort/Bolero Medical Cooling Vest with Its First Ice Pack

BodyCap CryoVest Comfort/Bolero Medical Cooling Vest with Its First Ice Pack

BodyCap CryoVest Comfort/Bolero Medical Cooling Vest with Its First Ice Pack
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The CryoVest Comfort has been designed to provide cooling when movement is important.

Cryovest Comfort/Bolero is a high-performance medical cooling vest suitable for:

  • MS -Multiple Sclerosis
  • Intolerance to heat -neurological or physical.
  • Can also be used by runners, cyclists, or motocross riders.

Overheating and poor thermoregulation is a well-documented symptom of Multiple Sclerosis. Remaining cool for multiple sclerosis patients is especially problematic during summer/hot weather. Cooling vest such as CryoVest has been proven to reduce discomfort and enables patients to continue to be physically active.

The CryoVest Comfort has found applications in sport such as cycling, marathons.

  • Lightweight & shorter -less than 1.6 kilos, the lightest in the market
  • Easy to wear
  • Provides excellent freedom of movement

CryoVest Medical for MS Body Cooling integrate 5 FirstIce cold bags -must be cooled in the freezer for 2 hours only

  • 2 small compresses in front 15×15 cm, 2 large compresses behind 15×30 cm
  • a collar including a small FirstIce cold compress -15×15 cm


  • Made up of removable cold packs to save freezer space.
  • Remains dry throughout the therapy.
  • Provides the highest level of cooling in any environment for up to 2 hours - depending on activity type and environmental conditions during use and 45 mins of residual cooling in 50-degree temperatures.
  • The long-lasting, non-aggressive cold allows direct skin contact with no risk of cryo burns.

Also Available:

  • Surgical Cooling Vests or Cooling Vest for operating room staff also available.
  • High Visibility Cooling Vests.
  • Sports Cooling Vests.
  • Industry Cooling Vests.

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