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Black Ice CulCan Palm Cooling System
Black Ice CulCan Palm Cooling SystemBlack Ice CulCan Palm Cooling SystemBlack Ice CulCan Palm Cooling System

Black Ice CulCan Palm Cooling System

Black Ice CulCan Palm Cooling System
Black Ice CulCan Palm Cooling System
Black Ice CulCan Palm Cooling System
Black Ice CulCan Palm Cooling System
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There’s no doubt that rubbing our hands together on a cold day helps us feel more comfortable. That’s because we lose a great deal of heat through our palms, and rubbing our hands together generates heat our palms absorb to warm us. Our palms shed heat in the summer too, and that’s good because it helps keep us cooler. But when it gets really hot, or when we’re active, our palms can’t shed heat fast enough. That allows heat to build up, making us uncomfortable.

The Black Ice CulCan is a unique personal cooling system that takes advantage of our palm’s natural cooling ability by making it more efficient in shedding heat–even on the hottest, most humid of days. Simply hold the charged CulCan in your hand, and this unique anodized aluminum cylinder will produce a safe and comfortable 57ºF output, quickly drawing excess heat from your palm, reducing the overall heat load on your body and helping you keep your cool.

The Black Ice CulCan was created to be effective and convenient, and it does so by utilizing design elements that solve the thermodynamic and ergonomic problems plaguing current palm cooling products:

1. Tough anodized aluminum body provides maximum thermal transfer
2. Regulated 57ºF output helps cool you down quickly and safely
3. Cools for up to 60 minutes
4. Recharges in 70 minutes in ice water
5. No batteries, tubes or power cords
6. Portable and lightweight (5” long, 1.5” diameter, 9.5oz.)

These characteristics make the Black Ice CulCan a unique tool for fighting high heat and humidity. Designed to produce a 57ºF temperature output for up to 60 minutes, the CulCan is the first and only palm cooling product that actually works in the real world. The patent-pending CulCan is compact, portable, comfortable to hold, and very effective.

Who we are
Founded in 2005 as an R&D firm based in West Tennessee, Black Ice has grown into a research, development, manufacturing and sales company focused upon the unique application of specialized personal cooling technologies. Today, national sales stretch across every state in the USA, and international sales run through Canada, Brazil, Australia, Japan, the Middle East, UK and more. To assure our customers receive the highest quality products possible, Black Ice products are designed, developed and manufactured in the U.S.A.

What we believe
Does "Made In The U.S.A." mean anything? We believe it does-now more than ever. At a time when decisions to use off-shore suppliers have led to toys chock full of lead, Black Ice understands our customers deserve products they can trust. Recent history has shown what can come with handing unsupervised production to overseas companies-not just bad products-dangerous products. Incredibly, these risks are often considered "just the cost of doing business" when a company goes too far in its search for greater profits. You will have to decide if saving a buck or two is worth the risk you may have to take.

By manufacturing in the USA, Black Ice promotes our national economy by keeping jobs stateside, and it allows our engineers to maintain complete control over materials and production processes. That means Black Ice customers can be assured of trustworthy, high quality products every time.

Where we started
Summertime in Memphis, we were hot, and we couldn't find a single personal cooling product that was comfortable, affordable and effective. They say, "If you want it done right, do it yourself," so that's exactly what we did.

The first Black Ice project was developed to solve the problems associated with the most popular personal cooling products. The result, the CCX Personal Cooling System, was an instant hit, and it has become very popular in markets including health (MS patients, hot flash sufferers), sports/recreational (tennis, golf, fishing, racing, spectator sports), domestic (home and garden), commercial/industrial (warehousing, HVAC, landscaping, paving, etc.), and many others.

Where we are
We play sports. A lot. Unfortunately, that leads to injuries (and sometimes surgery!), which means ice-and, as we all know, ice is just too freaking cold for comfort. What to do? Well, we did the research, and guess what? Turns out we were going to have to do it ourselves again.

Which brings us to the new newest Black Ice product-the CoolTherapy medical line. This unique product takes Black Ice technology to a new level by offering a more safe, comfortable and effective alternative to traditional cold therapy products like ice and frozen gels. Thanks to a reformulation of the SmartIce cooling matrix used in the CCX Personal Cooling System, Black Ice CoolTherapy products help provide comfortable and effective relief from pain and swelling while virtually eliminating the ice burn and potential for frostbite that come with ice and frozen gels. If you hate to use ice on an injury, you will be amazed at the level of comfort Black Ice CoolTherapy provides.

Where we're going
New products and wider distribution! Black Ice now has a full range of personal cooling and CoolTherapy products, and more are on the way, but our next short-term goal is to get those products out to you, our customers.

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By Christopher D.
Guam, USA
Worth Every Cent!
May 31, 2023
I use it between High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) sets and the recovery is phenomenal. I recommended it to all my family and friends.
By Coach D.
Cary, NC
Palmar Cooling and Running
September 15, 2022
I have tried many different ways to do palmar cooling to reduce core body temperature on endurance runs. This is a step in the right direction. Temperature was appropriately cold but not too cold. The cannister is not too heavy but I would not recommend lugging it for over a few miles both from a weight and fit perspective. The cannister diameter is a bit big while running. Also, it is good to stay appropriately cool for a few miles but after that would not be worth carrying.
Works Well!
September 14, 2022
My daughter loves these for palm cooling during her rests between intervals on the track and jumps in pole vaulting. Back at home, we leave them in the fridge and use them to cool off whenever we feel hot in the house!
Oklahoma City
Stays cold at the right temp
May 29, 2022
I purchased one to try it out to help my body cool down more efficiently between rounds in CrossFit workouts. I do feel like I was less fatigued each round after cooling my palms with the can. I plan to order a second one so I can cool both palms at once.