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Black Ice CoolTherapy System - Shoulder Wrap (4 Pack)
Black Ice CoolTherapy System - Shoulder Wrap (4 Pack)Black Ice CoolTherapy System - Shoulder Wrap (4 Pack)Black Ice CoolTherapy System - Shoulder Wrap (4 Pack)

Black Ice CoolTherapy System - Shoulder Wrap (4 Pack)

Black Ice CoolTherapy System - Shoulder Wrap (4 Pack)
Black Ice CoolTherapy System - Shoulder Wrap (4 Pack)
Black Ice CoolTherapy System - Shoulder Wrap (4 Pack)
Black Ice CoolTherapy System - Shoulder Wrap (4 Pack)
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Break out of the Ice Age with Black Ice CoolTherapy:

A revolutionary leap beyond ice and gels, Black Ice CoolTherapy Systems provide all the therapeutic benefits of traditional cold therapy-reduced swelling, drug-free pain relief and more - without dragging along prehistoric problems like unbearable pain, skin barriers, timed application, and the threat of frostbite. Cold therapy without the cold.

Cold therapy-without the cold:

Don't you hate ice burn? With an output of 32\xB0F, ice and frozen gels are just too painful to use. Like hospital-based cryopumps, Black Ice CoolTherapy Packs deliver regulated cooling at 52\xB0F- a temperature that's extremely effective for cold therapy, yet still comfortable enough to apply directly to your skin. Shoulder pain? Cool!.

Shoulder Pain? Cool!:

With a modular pack design, the SHX CoolTherapy Shoulder Wrap precisely targets your pain. Whether you're recovering from surgery, overuse or just a "tweak," the SHX delivers soothing and effective CoolTherapy exactly where you need it-left shoulder or right. Want Hospital-Grade therapy without the wires, hoses and horrible food? The Rx is Black Ice.


    Cool Features Make A Cool Product:
    There are thousands of cold therapy products out there, and they all have the same old problem-They're just too cold for comfort. In fact, they're so cold you risk frostbite by using them for more than 20 minutes at a time. With a regulated 52\xB0F output, Black Ice can be used for as long as you need it-and that's going to help you recover more quickly.

    MCP Modular CoolTherapy Packs:
    The SHX uses the Black Ice Modular CoolTherapy Pack. Set to produce a temperature output of 52\xB0F, the MCP can be used with most any Black Ice CoolTherapy product-saving money by allowing you to purchase additional wraps or packs to fit your needs.

    Adjustable Pack placement:
    Every person is different, and that means your injury is as unique as you are. The SHX uses the Black Ice MCP (Modular CoolTherapy Pack). Several MCPs can be attached via hook & loop anchors in a variety of positions on the SHX Wrap, allowing you to precisely target your pain. Right Side, Left Side,Big, Small-You're Covered The SHX CoolTherapy Shoulder Wrap fits both left and right shoulders, and with adjustable straps, one size fits nearly every body size, small to large.

Use it!:

    Charge, mount, wrap. Cold therapy was never this cool:
    No skin barriers, no timers, no worries-Black Ice is as simple as it is cool. Just follow these easy steps and begin your recovery using effective and comfortable CoolTherapy.

    Black Ice gives you three charging options*:

    • freezer: 1.5 hr.
    • refrigerator: 4 hr.
    • ice water: 1 hr.

    Store your packs in the freezer or fridge for instant access to CoolTherapy.
    *charge times may vary slightly keep packs flat while charging

    Use the built-in hook-and-loop anchors to mount your MCPs to the SHX CoolTherapy Wrap.

    Place the wrap on your shoulder so the MCPs directly contact the area of pain (Black Ice works best against bare skin). Loop the large bands around your waist and attach to the front and rear of wrap. Use the small band to snug the wrap fit under your arm. Swap packs when needed.

Who we are
Founded in 2005 as an R&D firm based in West Tennessee, Black Ice has grown into a research, development, manufacturing and sales company focused upon the unique application of specialized personal cooling technologies. Today, national sales stretch across every state in the USA, and international sales run through Canada, Brazil, Australia, Japan, the Middle East, UK and more. To assure our customers receive the highest quality products possible, Black Ice products are designed, developed and manufactured in the U.S.A.

What we believe
Does "Made In The U.S.A." mean anything? We believe it does-now more than ever. At a time when decisions to use off-shore suppliers have led to toys chock full of lead, Black Ice understands our customers deserve products they can trust. Recent history has shown what can come with handing unsupervised production to overseas companies-not just bad products-dangerous products. Incredibly, these risks are often considered "just the cost of doing business" when a company goes too far in its search for greater profits. You will have to decide if saving a buck or two is worth the risk you may have to take.

By manufacturing in the USA, Black Ice promotes our national economy by keeping jobs stateside, and it allows our engineers to maintain complete control over materials and production processes. That means Black Ice customers can be assured of trustworthy, high quality products every time.

Where we started
Summertime in Memphis, we were hot, and we couldn't find a single personal cooling product that was comfortable, affordable and effective. They say, "If you want it done right, do it yourself," so that's exactly what we did.

The first Black Ice project was developed to solve the problems associated with the most popular personal cooling products. The result, the CCX Personal Cooling System, was an instant hit, and it has become very popular in markets including health (MS patients, hot flash sufferers), sports/recreational (tennis, golf, fishing, racing, spectator sports), domestic (home and garden), commercial/industrial (warehousing, HVAC, landscaping, paving, etc.), and many others.

Where we are
We play sports. A lot. Unfortunately, that leads to injuries (and sometimes surgery!), which means ice-and, as we all know, ice is just too freaking cold for comfort. What to do? Well, we did the research, and guess what? Turns out we were going to have to do it ourselves again.

Which brings us to the new newest Black Ice product-the CoolTherapy medical line. This unique product takes Black Ice technology to a new level by offering a more safe, comfortable and effective alternative to traditional cold therapy products like ice and frozen gels. Thanks to a reformulation of the SmartIce cooling matrix used in the CCX Personal Cooling System, Black Ice CoolTherapy products help provide comfortable and effective relief from pain and swelling while virtually eliminating the ice burn and potential for frostbite that come with ice and frozen gels. If you hate to use ice on an injury, you will be amazed at the level of comfort Black Ice CoolTherapy provides.

Where we're going
New products and wider distribution! Black Ice now has a full range of personal cooling and CoolTherapy products, and more are on the way, but our next short-term goal is to get those products out to you, our customers.

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