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AlphaCool Frosty Body Cooling Ice Vest
AlphaCool Frosty Body Cooling Ice VestAlphaCool Frosty Body Cooling Ice VestAlphaCool Frosty Body Cooling Ice VestAlphaCool Frosty Body Cooling Ice VestAlphaCool Frosty Body Cooling Ice VestWatch Video for AlphaCool Frosty Body Cooling Ice Vest

AlphaCool Frosty Body Cooling Ice Vest

AlphaCool Frosty Body Cooling Ice Vest
AlphaCool Frosty Body Cooling Ice Vest
AlphaCool Frosty Body Cooling Ice Vest
AlphaCool Frosty Body Cooling Ice Vest
AlphaCool Frosty Body Cooling Ice Vest
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AlphaCool Frosty Ice Vest The AlphaCool Frosty Ice Vest is ready to combat the heat and keep you cool when you need it most! Constructed from open mesh fabric with a beefy front zipper, the Frosty Ice Vest has enclosed seams, so no raw edges to unravel or catch. Three pockets (2 chest, 1 back) hold large gel pads that quickly chill in your freezer or refrigerator. The 3 wide side straps easily let you customize the size of the AlphaCool Frosty Vest (fits size XS to 2XL), while the racerback styling evenly distributes the weight of the vest. No more tugging at falling straps! 

The Frosty Ice Vest comes complete with TWO sets of gel pads. Keep one set in your freezer or fridge, or if you’re on-the-go, in your insulated cooler, and swap out the chilled pads when needed. It couldn’t be simpler this summer to stay cool in the heat of the day! The AlphaCool Frosty Ice Vest weighs less than 3 pounds, so you barely notice that you have it on. Don’t get caught in sweltering conditions at your job or enjoying the great outdoors without the AlphaCool Frosty Ice Vest. 


  • Constructed from open sandwich mesh fabric
  • Two sets of 3 gel pads (two chest pads 4.5” x 7.75” and one back pad 7” x 10.375”)
  • Large cooling pad pockets
  • Washable vest (remove gel pads before washing)
  • Weighs only 2.5 lbs with all 3 pads inserted
  • Highly adjustable wide side straps
  • Beefy front zipper
  • Racerback styling for equal weight distribution
  • Enclosed seams
  • Great for use in hot weather indoors or outdoors
  • Lasts for hours!
  • One Size fits Most

The AlphaCool story began in a hot warehouse in Norristown, PA. Sweating over three workspaces jumpstarted our need for cooling products and initiated our passion for unique design, while collaboration with great manufacturers brought our vision and products to life.

Since 2009, our AlphaCool brand has combined premium materials and superior design to create exceptional cooling items. We believe in quality and strive to create unique products that everyone can enjoy. Colorful, creative, and inspired by what we see every day, each AlphaCool product represents what we love about the world in which we live. We hope our products inspire you too.

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works great, but...
July 12, 2023
the vest is easy to use and wear. BUT, in hotter temperatures (90+ degrees), the gel packs only last about 30 minutes.
By Jeff
Works well but has some flaws
August 3, 2022
I got this for summer disk golf. I am doing a physical activity and moving around a lot so my experience may be different than doing less physical activity.

I like the design of the vest and the mesh lets air in which is nice. The zipper front makes putting it on and getting it off easy. The adjustment straps are very long. After I got the size adjusted right, I had to cut and burn the ends and then fold them over and sew them to the main straps to keep them from constantly coming undone so now it is no longer adjustable but stays the right size. I wish there were locks for the straps included.

The ice packs are only good for about 30 minutes in 90 degree temps. There is just not much gel in them. The front packs allow the gel to get pulled to the bottom of the pack by gravity. The back one folds up and ends up down in the bottom of the pocket. I had to swap packs frequently so do not expect the advertised 2+ hours.

I had some thin hard plastic icepacks I use for my lunchbox and I tried them and they stay cold much longer and the gels does not move around since the plastic containers are sturdy. I bought more that are the correct size and they work much better than the packs that came with the vest. They go in and out of the pockets easier because they do not catch on the mesh so swapping packs is faster.

With fresh packs, it is a noticeable cooling affect and does not feel like it is in the way. I am able to disk golf for 2+ hours in 90 degree weather as long as I have enough ice packs and keep changing them. For reference my disk golf partner has a $200+ model that stays cool for 1.5-2 hours and wears under his shirt so it is difficult to change packs.

For the price, I feel it is still a good value but be prepared to do some modifications and buy more ice packs. I would probably buy it again.
  • - Helps endure the heat.
  • - Lowest cost vest I have found
  • - gel packs have very little gel in them and get warm to the touch in around 30 minutes
  • - gel packs allow gravity to move the gel to bottom of pocket and back pack will fold up in pocket
  • - Required significant modifications to keep the adjustment straps from loosening
  • - Took 4 business days to ship even though it says ships in 1 day
By Julya
WA state
Best. Thing. Ever
July 9, 2022
I am 64 yrs old. I love being outdoors. Because of some medications, I cannot regulate my temperature, and anything over 70F, is virtually impossible for me to enjoy outside. This vest is a life saver. So well made and very easy to adjust to fit perfectly. I can now be out in much hotter weather, and be comfortably active. Seriously, if you work or play in the heat, you’ve GOTTA get this vest! Wish I had one years ago!!
  • Price
  • Quality
  • Perfectly adjustable
  • Well made
  • 2nd set of cooling packs
  • Packs cool in fridge or freezer super quickly
  • Makes an incredible difference in the heat
  • Lifesaver
  • Didn?t find this sooner
By Kimberly A.
Belvidere, il
No Colors
July 6, 2022
80% of the trades requires bright yellow or orange vests will you be making one?
  • No bright construction orange or yellow.
By Rickey H.
great price
April 29, 2022
have not used yet. great price and fast shipping
By Mary
Westmont, IL
Versatile and Well Made
March 23, 2022
I have not actually tried the product yet as we are just entering Spring here and the weather is still cool, but looking over the vest, I can see that it is well made. I also like that the ice packs are removable so I don't have to try to fit the whole vest in the freezer and with the extra packs, I can keep one set in the freezer while I use the other set and swap them when the set I'm wearing thaws out.
  • Adjustable for size
  • Well made
  • Removable ice packs
  • Extra ice packs to swap out with thawed packs