221B Tactical
221B Tactical Equinoxx K2 Thermal

221B Tactical Equinoxx K2 Thermal

221B Tactical Equinoxx K2 Thermal
221B Tactical Equinoxx K2 Thermal
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When you're outside in harsh winter environments, the last thing you'll want to be is cold and freezing. It negatively affects mood, mindset and focus. To focus and achieve you'll need to be comfortable, warm, and ultimately safe. This amazing wind-blocking and water-resistant shirt will take care of all those concerns. And you won't need to wear a bulky coat. You'll have unrestricted movement and Freedom. No other shirt like this exists on the market. Pick one (or two) up and see for yourself!

Why You Need This

When you are out in the harshest of cold weather, winter elements, the last thing you want to be is cold and freezing. It negatively affects your mood, mindset and ability to focus. You want and need to be warm and comfortable so you can focus on the task at hand, be it work or play, and ultimately be safer. And you want this without the concerns that come with bulky coats or jackets which can restrict movement and impact comfort and safety.

How It Works

Constructed with a state-of-the-art, heat pressed, triple layer fabric, The Equinoxx K2 Thermal provides wind blocking and thermal protection like nothing else on the market today. The unique grid-thermal design helps prevent body heat loss while allowing optimal breathability and comfort. The Equinoxx K2 Thermal also offers fluid resistance, giving you the ability to skip bulky jackets and coats and maintain optimum mobility.


  • Full 360 Grid Thermal Protection
  • Superior Mobility
  • Maximum Body Heat Retention
  • Water Resistant
  • Mock Neck Design
  • Extended Compression Sleeve Cuffs
  • Extended Torso Length - Stays Tucked In

221B Tactical was founded on the principle that quality products should not come with a high price tag. That is why we are committed to providing quality products that are durable and innovative at an affordable price.

We recognize the need for the right attire and gear to get the job done and stay safe. That is why all of our products are developed for and field-tested by seasoned professionals. We feel that providing products specifically designed for those who use them is well elementary!

At 221B Tactical our mission is to become the leader in tactical attire and gear, not in dollars made, but in the hearts of our customers. That is why we have committed to donating a portion of every purchase to organizations that support the families of fallen Police Officers, Fire Fighters and Military Personnel who made the ultimate sacrifice.

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