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Volt Heat Maxima 7V Battery Heated Gloves
Volt Heat Maxima 7V Battery Heated GlovesVolt Heat Maxima 7V Battery Heated GlovesVolt Heat Maxima 7V Battery Heated GlovesWatch Video for Volt Heat Maxima 7V Battery Heated Gloves

Volt Heat Maxima 7V Battery Heated Gloves

Volt Heat Maxima 7V Battery Heated Gloves
Volt Heat Maxima 7V Battery Heated Gloves
Volt Heat Maxima 7V Battery Heated Gloves
Volt Heat Maxima 7V Battery Heated Gloves
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Volt Heat Maxima Heated Gloves

The Maxima Gloves from Volt use the Zero Layer heat system to eliminate bulk and maximizes heat transfer. The rubber palm provides grip and durability. Constructed with a waterproof and breathable membrane these gloves not only keep you warm but also dry. The Maxima Gloves are constructed with a nylon outer shell and with 120 grams of Thinsulate insulation inside. Paired with up to 120 degrees of soothing heat, the Volt Maxima Gloves are great for all snow sports and outside winter activities.


  • Lightweight nylon shell
  • Soft tricot fleece lining
  • 120g Thinsulate insulation
  • Nubuck leather thumb accents
  • Rubber palm
  • Waterproof and breathable membrane
  • Ultra-thin stainless steel heating wires permanently bonded to the lining fabric
  • Heats the entire length of each finger as well as the thumb and each side of the hand
  • Built-in 4 level microprocessor controller to select desired heat output
  • Provides over 150 degrees of soothing heat for approximately 2 hours on the highest setting
  • Includes two 7.4V rechargeable batteries and dual wall charger

Approximate Battery Run Time Per Power Level:

  • 100% High – 2 hours
  • 75% Med/High – 4 hours
  • 50% Medium – 6 hours
  • 25% Low – 8 hours
VOLT HEATING TECHNOLOGY: Volt Resistance battery heated clothing uses safe and durable heating technology powered by rechargeable lithium-ion battery packs. Our garments are designed to help keep your body core warm and to help you maintain an optimal temperature, through thermal comfort. Each product includes heating elements made of tiny conductive fibers engineered to provide optimal heat. Combine this with insulating materials designed to both retain and reflect heat toward the body and you get the best thermal management system available

ACTIVE HEAT: Our heated gear is designed to keep out the cold and uses insulating materials to work with the body's natural ability to generate heat, but the drastic difference is that our 3v heating technology provides "active" heat for those situations where the body is not able to provide warmth. This is especially important for people with poor circulation, or who suffer from conditions like Raynauds Disease.

HEAT TRANSFER: Our "active" heating system uses both conduction and radiation heat transfer methods to help keep you warm. Conduction is direct heat flow through matter and resulting from physical contact. Our products have a heating system designed specifically for conduction to create warmth by stimulating blood flow. Our system also generates infrared rays that emits upward with help of a thermal reflective barrier. When these rays strike the surface of another object like the fabric and the body, the rays are absorbed and then heat is produced. This heat spreads throughout the mass by conduction.

ZERO LAYER: Our patent pending Zero Layer design uses a special tape sealing process, bonding the heating system directly to the shell fabric. This allows for better heat transfer and eliminates bulky extra layers

How Volt Heat Rechargeable Batteries Work:
  • Remove battery(ies) and charger from packaging.
  • Plug the charger into a properly rated AC electrical outlet.
  • Connect the batteries to the output plugs from the charger to commence charging.
  • The LED light(s) on the charger will show red when charging.
  • Batteries will be fully charged when the LED indicator on the charger turns green. Fully discharged batteries will take 5 hours to charge completely.
  • Disconnect batteries from charger output plugs.
  • Locate the output plug from the pocket on the product and connect to battery.
  • Press the \xA5\xCB_power\xA5\xCB_ button to activate and select desired power level.
  • When finished, press the power button to turn off, unplug the batteries and recharge for next use.
When you purchase your Volt heated clothing product made by 2K Innovations Inc., the electrical components of the product, the rechargeable battery, and the charger are warranted to be free from factory defects in materials and workmanship for 90 days from the date of the initial purchase.
 If you have a warranty claim, please return the entire product together with the original receipt and packaging to 2K Innovations Inc. for inspection. 2K Innovations will repair, without charge, products found under normal use to be defective during the warranty period
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