Veriga Mount Track
Veriga Mount TrackVeriga Mount TrackVeriga Mount Track

Veriga Mount Track

Veriga Mount Track
Veriga Mount Track
Veriga Mount Track
Veriga Mount Track
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These elastic crampons feature a stainless steel chain on the sole and a special, horseshoe-shaped, 14-point plate, made entirely of noble heat treated steel, providing an effcient grip. Simply put them over your footwear and tighten them with a strap. The crampons are both discreet and comfortable. Storing is easy thanks to a convenient carrying case, Rubber with a karabiner and a belt attachment. MOUNT TRACK crampons are designed for use on snowy and icy terrain by more demanding hikers and mountaineers.

Features & Details:

  • Imported
  • Horseshoe shaped
  • 14-Point plate
  • Made entirely of noble heat treated steel
  • Carrying case, carabiner, and belt attachment included
  • Each crampon weight approx. 8 ounces
  • These crampons are not suitable for extreme mountaineering!
  • Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL

The factory Veriga was established in 1922. The production programme included screws, forgings, heavy anchor chains, forestry towing chains, transport chains for mining, and various chains by metre, from thickness of 1 mm up to 100 mm. Later, the production expanded onto snow chains and protection chains for tractors and heavy machinery, as well as snow chains for automobiles. In 1992, the chain RIVAL COMPACT has been created, patented and certified. It remains in the production of the company to this day.

Such a production programme combined with the quality of products placed Veriga among the largest manufacturers in the European and global markets. This is why the factory also manufactured chains for other renowned brands of chains. In those times, Veriga employed over 1,500 workers.

In 1998, the company went through a privatisation process and was renamed into VERIGA K.F., d.o.o.

Nowadays, the production programme contains:

  • snow chains for cars, light delivery vehicles, 4x4s, lorries, tractors, and heavy machinery;
  • forestry chains for tractors and heavy machinery chains for wood towing;
  • protective chains for heavy machinery;
  • walking crampons for shoes.

The products are sold both on the domestic and global markets. With every passing year, Veriga is increasingly successful at competing with the largest global manufacturers of chains, while the company's own brand VERIGA is also getting more and more recognition at the same time.

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