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Solo Stove Yukon Fire Pit with Stand 2.0

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The biggest and baddest fire pit.Easily light up smokeless fires anywhere life takes you and protect your surfaces as you create lasting memories.

The Biggest, Baddest Smokeless Fire Pit

NEW: Removable Ash Pan You don't need a special tool to clean your fire pit. Yukon's new, removable ash pan rests under the removable base plate, catching all that fine ash in one place. Just lift the base plate to remove the ash pan, clean out its contents, and that's it!

Smokeless Relish in fireside experiences without the inconvenience of a smoky flame. Our Signature 360° Airflow super-heats air to burn off smoke before it can get to your clothes and hair. And without that pesky "post-fire" smell, teary eyes, or a game of musical chairs to dodge smoke, you can enjoy ultimate warmth without sacrificing comfort.

Easy To Use Ditch the hassle of complicated assembly. Making good moments should always be easy, and our fire pits are designed to deliver. Thanks to 360° Signature Airflow, anyone can easily spark up bright flames whether you're a first-timer or a pro. And just like the start-up, clean-up can be done in a snap. Our new removable ash pan makes getting rid of incinerated leftovers simple so that you can enjoy nights with less mess and more good moments.

Ultra Portable Weighing in at just over 41 pounds, your fire pit was made to move. Spark up smokeless adventures in the front yard or the backyard. Your fire pit is ready to go wherever you do.

Long Lasting 304 stainless steel is highly durable, surprisingly lightweight, and won't cave under the pressure of an ultra-hot flame. Count on your fire pit to hold up to all of your experiences- whether in the backyard, at your team's tailgate, or in the backcountry. It'll last a lifetime, and we've got the warranty to prove it.

Versatile Maximize your open flame fun with Solo Stove's ecosystem of accessories. Enjoy added safety with Shield, a warm night around the fire enhanced by Heat Deflector, or your next family cookout on a Cast-Iron Cooktop. And of course, you can't forget s'mores- Sticks are the top choice tool for perfectly toasted marshmallows and snacks.


  • Removable Ash Pan
  • Smokeless
  • Easy To Use
  • Ultra Portable
  • Long Lasting
  • Versatile


  • Yukon Fire Pit + Stand
  • Diameter: 27 in | 68.5 cm
  • Height: 19.8 in | 50.5 cm
  • Weight: 43.9 lbs | 20 kg
  • Materials: Stainless Steel

What's Included

  • Yukon: The biggest and baddest smokeless fire pit
  • Removable Base Plate and Ash Pan: Ash clean up now made easier
  • Yukon Stand: Protect the surfaces you love no matter where you take your flames

We design simple, ingenious outdoor products to help you create good moments that become lasting memories.

Create good; We are driven by this mantra. Our fire pits, camp stoves, grill, and accessories are designed to help you get in touch with whatever is “good” for you. Whether it’s a primal moment in awe of a flame, the moment right after you’ve taken a hot sip of coffee in the mountains, or your kid’s face when they bite into a delicious s’more.

We believe we are part of a shared humanity, and we are grateful to have these moments right in front of us to connect with those we love, to remember something meaningful inside ourselves, to appreciate nature in its stunning beauty.

Good moments. Good memories. Good products. So you can create a good life.

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