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Outlast Temperature Regulating Pillow Cover - King

Outlast Temperature Regulating Pillow Cover - King

Outlast Temperature Regulating Pillow Cover - King
Outlast Temperature Regulating Pillow Cover - King
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Outlast Cooling Pillow Covers work great to regulate your body temperature and help provide you with the best night sleep possible. Throughout the night your body changes temperature resulting in a restless night's sleep. This can be particularly troublesome for women suffering from hot flashes and night sweats. Outlast technology absorbs excess heat keeping you cooler throughout the night. Pairing this protector with an Outlast pillow will provide twice the heat absorption capacity, allowing for a better night's sleep.


  • 300 Thread count
  • 100% Cotton Cover
  • Machine Washable
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Zipper Close
  • Outlast Fabric on both sides
  • Single Pack
  • Outlast Gold Comfort Rating

Outlast Pillow Cover Sizes:

  • King: 21" x 37"
  • Standard: 21" x 27"

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Outlast technology, originally developed for NASA, utilizes phase change materials (PCM) that absorb, store and release heat for optimal thermal comfort. Outlast technology is comparable to ice in a drink; as it changes from solid to liquid, it absorbs heat and cools the drink, keeping that drink at the desired temperature for longer. Outlast phase change materials work in the same way, but are microencapsulated to be permanently enclosed and protected in a polymer shell. We call microencapsulated phase change materials Thermocules.

This encapsulation process makes the Thermocules exceptionally durable for many applications. These Thermocules can be incorporated into fabrics and fibers and have the capacity to absorb, store and release excess heat. This gives any product containing Outlast technology the ability to continually regulate skin's microclimate. As the skin gets hot, the heat is absorbed, and as it cools, that heat is released.

Outlast technology is not wicking technology, which manages moisture by reacting to your sweat and pulling it away from the skin. Outlast technology will proactively manage heat while controlling the production of moisture before it begins. That's the Outlast difference.

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