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Lenz Heat Sock 4.0 w/ Heated Toe Cap (Replacement Socks Only)

Lenz Heat Sock 4.0 w/ Heated Toe Cap (Replacement Socks Only)

Lenz Heat Sock 4.0 w/ Heated Toe Cap (Replacement Socks Only)
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Lenz Toe Cap Heating Technology has taken the world by storm, and now the great new Lenz 4.0 Heated Socks are available as replacements for your existing Lenz battery pack sets. These Lenz Heating Socks will work with your power packs from previous seasons, and can also be purchased in addition to a full set so you have a nice clear pair of heated socks ready go along on your journey.

Lenz 4.0 Heated Sock Replacements Include:
  • 1 pair of Lenz heat sock 4.0 toe cap
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Temperature Levels / Heating Period:
  • Level 1: 42 C / 107 F 10 - 14 h
  • Level 2: 52 C / 125 F 5.5 - 7.5 h
  • Level 3: 60 C / 140 F 3.5 - 4.5 h

    Features of the Lenz 4.0 Heated Socks:
    • compatable with Lenz rcB 1200 & Lenz rcB 1800 power packs
    • performance sock with integrated heating element you dont notice
    • heating elements of the latest generation which completely incorporate the toe area
    • optimal moisture transportation
    • ergonomically knitted
    • padding on the exposed parts
    • ring bandages for optimum support on the foot
    • the lithium packs are easy to attach by means of press studs on the legband
    • machine washable at 30c
    • attach lithium pack to legband of the sock via press studs
    • heat can be regulated via 3 settings on the lithium pack
    • heat can be continuously regulated remotely via smartphone (Bluetooth smart ready)
    • heat development for up to 14 hours
    • global USB-charger with charging display
    • short charging time
    • flexible plastic case
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