Keis Portable Lithium Battery Pack - 2600mAh

Keis Portable Lithium Battery Pack - 2600mAh

Keis Portable Lithium Battery Pack - 2600mAh
Keis Portable Lithium Battery Pack - 2600mAh
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Keis additional 2600mAh battery pack provides 12V power for any of the Keis Dual-Power garments.

The Keis battery pack features an LED charge indicator (simply shake the battery to view the available charge: 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%), and can also be used to charge USB devices like a phone, camera etc.

Plug the charger into a mains outlet and connect to the Battery Pack. The LED on the charger will show red whilst charging and green when charging is complete. The charging time will depend on the capacity of the Battery Pack and its state of discharge.

Note: The 2600mAh the Portable Keis Battery Packs cannot be charged via their USB Port! This USB Port is a 5 volt powered output only.


  • 12V 2600mAh Keis Li-Ion Battery Packs suitable for all Keis Dual-Power products
  • Available in 2600mAh capacity
  • LED Capacity monitor
  • Battery pack can also be used to charge and power USB devices
  • Always disconnect the Battery Pack when it is fully charged and the LED shows green

Technical Data:

  • Battery type: Lithium ion
  • Capacity: 2600mAh (28.86 Wh)
  • Pack Output: 11.1v or USB 5v 1A
  • 2600 - H.7cm x W.7cm x D.2cm
  • 200 grams

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