Jobar IdeaWorks Magnetic Double Door Screen

Jobar IdeaWorks Magnetic Double Door Screen

Jobar IdeaWorks Magnetic Double Door Screen
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This double door instant screen allows fresh air into your space while keeping pesky bugs at bay, making your living area more comfortable. The mesh insta-screen installs quickly to the frame of your French doors or sliding doors using simple hook & loop tape. Featuring an 18-magnet closure and weighted bottom to keep the screen in place, this double screen door is designed with heavy duty nylon mesh, which allows air to circulate while keeping the area closed off to flying insects. The magnets along the center opening offer you an easy and hands-free entrance to and exit from your home. This screen door is ideal for pets to go outside as needed, and is a must-have protective barrier for any home event like a family reunion, graduation party, or birthday celebration. In addition, this instant screen door can easily be removed and stored away.


  • Hands-Free Screen Door: Frameless detachable screen opens and closes gently using 18 magnets along the middle seam.
  • No Tools Needed: Mesh panel screen door includes hook and loop tape for easy installation along a double door frame.
  • Durable Screen Door: Reinforced edges prevent fraying; strong magnets and tape prevent screen gaps and ensure a solid seal.
  • Fresh Air Without Bugs: Mesh screen creates a comfortable and insect-free home, and allows fresh air in without flying pests.
  • Dimensions: Screen door panels fit double door areas like French doors or sliders.


  • Product Dimensions: 10.5 x 7 x 2 inches
  • Weight: 0.75 Pounds
  • Model Number: JB8411
  • Color: Black

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