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DryGuy BootGlove Ski Boot Insulator

DryGuy BootGlove Ski Boot Insulator

DryGuy BootGlove Ski Boot Insulator
DryGuy BootGlove Ski Boot Insulator
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Designed in the harsh Alaskan Arctic, the BootGlove provides a protecting layer of insulating neoprene for your ski boots to reduce wind chill and prevent loss of body heat in extreme winter conditions. Overall, the BootGlove retains an average of +20\xC1F/7\xC1C in your boot's toe box, conserving heat loss where it's most important...YOUR FEET!
  • 5 Mil N2s Neoprene Outer Shell
  • Adjustable Velcro Heel Strap
  • Side Abrasion Patches
  • Windproof and Waterproof
  • 30 Day Warranty
Boot Insulation System Testing:
  • \xB4 In an engineered test at Moose Mountain Ski Resort in Fairbanks, Alaska the following results were recorded: The outside air temperature was -5\xC1 F below 0\xC1 at the ski lodge.
  • \xB4 Temperature probes were placed on the shell of the ski boots.
  • \xB4 A BootGlove\xBB was placed over one of the boots in the ski lodge.
  • \xB4 After skiing 1,300 vertical feet, the exposed boot shell temperature was -5\xC1 F, while the boot protected by the BootGlove\xBB was +48\xC1 F.
  • \xB4 The shell of the boot protected by the BootGlove\xBB was +53\xC1 F warmer than the other shell.
  • \xB4 The test was repeated with identical result.

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  • Do you work outdoors? Do you play hard in the snow and rain? Have you ever faced the daunting prospect of sticking warm feet into damp footwear that's been sitting out all night getting cold?


    In 1994, DryGuy™ emerged with its trademark "Forced Air" dryers to solve the problem of cold feet and hands that are caused by uncomfortably wet boots and gloves. Today DryGuy is a leading supplier of footwear and accessory dryers and thermal layering systems. Our products are designed to keep you at an optimum level of "comfort inside & out."


    In Seattle we get used to rainy days, but that doesn't mean we put up with wet feet. DryGuy boot dryers and insulation products were developed in Seattle with one goal in mind: keeping feet and hands warm and healthy. We've tested our products in some of the wettest conditions imaginable, and as a result we've come to understand a few things about how the wet and the cold can affect your recreation and your health.


    Wet feet are not just a result of wet weather. People of all ages and activity levels perspire or sweat, especially from the hands and feet. Between them, hands and feet collectively produce up to 16 ounces of sweat per day. That means that even people living in dry climates have to worry about wet shoes.


    While wet shoes might seem like little more than an inconvenience, they affect more than just your comfort. If your shoes don't get a chance to dry, you're likely to encounter some unwelcome house guests.


    Cold hands and feet are a common problem. When your body senses a loss of heat it compensates by slowing circulation to the extremities. This problem is compounded in wet conditions since dry footwear and gloves are 25 times warmer than moist garments.


    Fungus - takes root in wet shoes or gloves. Fungus can damage a perfectly good foot or finger. Athlete's foot can develop into a chronic problem requiring expensive treatment.


    Bacteria - grows in warm, moist environments and causes infections. More than 60,000 diabetics per year lose their toes to infections, and it's estimated that 75% of these amputations could be avoided with proper foot care.


    Odor - accompanies sweat, fungus and bacteria.


    Comfort - dry shoes are more comfortable.

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