AllTuffUSA Self Charging Cooling Vest with Inserts
AllTuffUSA Self Charging Cooling Vest with InsertsAllTuffUSA Self Charging Cooling Vest with InsertsAllTuffUSA Self Charging Cooling Vest with InsertsAllTuffUSA Self Charging Cooling Vest with InsertsAllTuffUSA Self Charging Cooling Vest with Inserts

AllTuffUSA Self Charging Cooling Vest with Inserts

AllTuffUSA Self Charging Cooling Vest with Inserts
AllTuffUSA Self Charging Cooling Vest with Inserts
AllTuffUSA Self Charging Cooling Vest with Inserts
AllTuffUSA Self Charging Cooling Vest with Inserts
AllTuffUSA Self Charging Cooling Vest with Inserts
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Phase Change Navy Blue Cooling Vest

Our cooling vest is a state-of-the-art cool vest.  Each of our cooling vests are proudly made in the United States.  Our vest inserts have a phase change substance that can recharge at room temperature so there is no need to have a refrigerator or freezer.  Our vests are made of a lightweight but durable material.  The AllTuffUSA cooling vest is highly breathable and yet able to withstand damage.  The straps on our vests are very heavy duty and designed to fit many different body sizes and shapes.  There is a one-and-a-half inch strap with a snap clip, that wraps around the body and can be adjusted based on the size of your waist.  There are also 2-one inch clips on each shoulder; these can be adjusted based on your height.  The AllTuffUSA strap system is designed to make sure there is full contact between the cooling insert and your body.  This ensures you feeling the maximum amount of cooling transfer.

  • State of the art cooling technology
  • Infinite recharge at room temp
  • Contours to body
  • Safer then ice
  • Cool not cold
  • Durable
  • Simple effective safe
  • Light weight
  • Maintain comfort for extended period of time

The Super Light Weight Phase Change Cooling Pad

The Alltuffusa Cool Vest comes with a specially designed cool pad insert that goes into the vest.  Unlike ice which freezes at 32 degrees and can be dangerous to leave against your skin for any extended of time, the alltuffusa cool pad insert is made with a phase change material that recharges at 80 degrees. The AllTuffUSA cool vest has a special blend of phase change material that is extra pure and can be recharged at room temperature, so it is a completely passive recharge there is no need for refrigerator or freezer.  The AllTuffUSA cooling vest will keep your body from over heating for a extended period of time.

Each vest comes with 2 cooling pads that can be removed from the vest so the vest can be cleaned. The cooling pads are a state of the art technology that we produce in Fort Wayne, Indiana. They are non toxic and safe for the environment. The pads recharge at room temperature all by themselves and are maintenance free.

Cooling pads

AllTuffUSA Cooling Pad Inserts

Cooling vest

  •  vest has adjustable straps on the shoulders
  •  vest has easy to use adjustable strap that wraps around front
  •  vest has front left pocket for pens and pencils
  •  vest has light weight and durable material
  •  vest has comes with 2 state of the art AllTuff USA cool pad inserts
  •  has inserts recharge at room temperature
AllTuffUSA Navy Blue Cool Vest Pocket

AllTuffUSA Navy Blue Cool Vest Pocket

Every AllTuffUSA cool vest comes with a front pocket on the left-hand side with Tuffy the Bulldog.  This pocket is great for notepads, pens, pencils, or any other small items that need to be carried.

One Size Fits All

AllTuff USA Cool Vest comes with a high tech strapping system to ensure that one vest size will fit mostly everyone.  The AllTuff USA cool vest has one adjustable strap that wraps around the torso.  The cool vest also has one strap on each shoulder to adjust how low the the vest is on your body.  This strapping system ensures

AllTuff USA is a family owned business that has been around for several years.  We proudly manufacture all of our products in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  We originally started in the manufacturing of heavy duty EMT bags.  Over time we were looking for other industries that we could specialize in.  One area that got our attention was the cool vest industry.  We saw many different types of phase change cool vests on the market, however they were all too expensive.  We decided that we could not only make the best cool vest on the market, but we could do it for less than half the cost of anyone else.  We already knew how to sew the cool vest, the only things we had to learn was how to package and make the phase change material. Now that we have mastered all aspects of the cool vest, we now can produce the best cool vest on the market for much less money.

Once we mastered how to make the phase change material, we decided we wanted to make a cool vest and a cool seat that could recharge at room temperature.  We wanted to design a special blend of phase change material that could be frozen at room temperature but still be able to cool for at least a couple of hours.  After much research we are able to figure out how to do just that.  At AllTuff USA we have a specially designed blend of phase change materials that allow our cool products to recharge at room temperature. We are not limited to products that recharge at room temperature, we also have a wide variety of other products that that recharge at 60 degrees Fahrenheit.  These products are very good for helping your body recover from a injury. 

Our Vision

Our Vision at AllTuff USA is to provide the world with affordable options for staying cool, and to provide the world with an option other then ice to recover from an injury.  We also want to show the world that it is possible to still manufacture good quality products at a affordable price in the USA.  We Strive each day to achieve our vision, and we will never stop until we accomplish it.  

At AllTuff USA we are very proud that all of our products are completely made in the United Sates.  We want to bring as many jobs back to the United States as possible.  AllTuff USA has lighting fast production time, and we have the capabilities to handle order of over 10 thousand pieces at a time. 

Our Technology

At AllTuff USA we specialize in special phase change technologies that recharge at room temperature and 60 degrees Fahrenheit.  Our technology is ultra pure and safe.  At AllTuff USA we make the phase change material in house so we know it is the most pure on the market.  The higher purity levels lead to a longer lasting product.  Although we can make products that recharge at any temperature that we want, we decided to specialize in room temperature recharge and 60 degree Fahrenheit recharge.

There are a few reasons that we chose these two temperatures to specialize in.  We wanted the room temperature recharge so that we could develop a completely passive recharge system.  We wanted to design something that you could just take off and set it aside and come back the next morning and have it ready to go.  Whenever we would use cooling vest our two biggest complaints was that the packs took up to much room in the freezer and we would always forget to get it out of the freezer before we left for work the next day.  With AllTuff USA room temperature rechargeable cool vest, you can leave your vest in your car and as long as the temperature gets below 80 degrees your vest will recharge and be ready for you the next morning. 

The reason that we also chose to work with the 60 Degree Fahrenheit recharge was that temperature is great to help reduce swelling and recover from injuries.  While icing can cause your blood vessels to constrict and that sl

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