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Polar Bear H2O Soft Sided Waterproof Performance Cooler - 48 Pack

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Leak Proof, Sweat Proof and NOW Water Proof!

Polar Bear Coolers, makers of high-quality soft coolers for over a decade, present the all new Polar Bear H2O. As with all Polar Bear Coolers, the new H2O features a leak proof, sweat proof DuraTemp\xBB liner. The new Tarpaulin waterproof outer shell, along with the addition of Close Cell Foam, make the new Polar Bear H2O 100% waterproof, inside and out.

Feel free to hose it down after your mud-bogging excursion! It may look nice on the outside but this cooler is no garage queen. It's built for adventure! Five years in the making, the H2O can take it! Clever design integrations like material blending and reflective space layering make H2O unbeatable. The Polar Bear H2O puts the knowledge in technology and the craft in craftsmanship. It puts the cool in cooler, and it puts the beer on ice. It boasts 1" thick Close Cell Foam insulation with coverage top to bottom and a rubber bottom skid resistant saddle. The Polar Bear H2O is the most well insulated soft-sided cooler ever made.
  • Shipping Weight: 6.00 pounds
  • Dimensions: 13" x 21" x 13"
  • Shipping Weight: 5.00 pounds
  • Dimensions: 18" x 12" x 7"
  • 1" thick specialized Close Cell waterproof insulation
  • Easy to clean
  • Waterproof Tarpaulin outer shell
  • Rubberized non-skid bottom saddle
  • Polar Bear Leak Proof / Sweat Proof DuraTemp\xBB liner
  • 4 anchor stitched hook-loop bow tie carabiner daisy chains
  • 2 metal bottle opener / Side-release buckles
  • Heavy Duty YKK #10 weatherized rubber coated zipper
  • Quick release heavy duty shoulder strap
  • 8 metal tie downs
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
The Polar Bear H2O will keep ice for days! We field-tested the H2O backpack cooler with a 20 lb. bag of ice in 90 degree conditions outside over a 3 day period. At the end of 72 hours, it still had a quarter of the ice left. No surprise, these are the results we designed the H2O for. It is important to note that this test did not include opening and closing the cooler numerous times as may occur in a real life situation, but you get the idea and we stand behind the results.

Field-tested with dozens of trips down numerous whitewater rivers and cross-country excursions, we know the importance of mobility and perishable preservation. The Polar Bear H2O comes equipped with 8 metal tie downs, 4 on each side top to bottom, as well as 4 carabiner bow tie daisy chains. The Polar Bear H2O will attach to anything that moves! If you can ride it, fly it, float it, paddle it, rock it, roll it or steal it, this cooler is coming with you! The Polar Bear H2O is the most rugged and durable soft-sided cooler available anywhere. It also makes a great poolside cooler. Like your dog, this cooler will be your best friend if you take care of it. We are confident you will enjoy years of performance from your Polar Bear Cooler.

Polar Bear H2O Coolers
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Polar Bear H2O Soft Sided Waterproof Performance Cooler - 48 Pack