NewAir - Air Conditioners, Ice Makers, Wine Coolers

NewAir is the premier provider of appliances built to fit your home. Excellence is their motto. They don’t just make appliances for the home; they make better appliances for the home. They create quality products designed to support today’s busy lifestyle.

NewAir products are made to make your life easier. They want you to spend time doing what matters. Their products are thoughtfully designed with you in mind.

  • Style: Their products are made to accentuate the home. They focus on the new and the original, creating designs that propel you toward a technologically advanced tomorrow. Their products are made for today’s individual!
  • Ease of Use: Enjoy what you use and love how it’s made! 
  • Efficiency: Energy conservation is important to you, and it’s important to them. For this reason, NewAir products focus on manufacturing energy efficient appliances.

When it comes to portable and small appliances for the home, They are an industry leader.