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Miracool Deluxe Cooling Headband (Discontinued)

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MiraCool deluxe cooling headbands are thicker and contain more cooling crystals than the regular headbans. Designed to keep your head cool and comfortable, even in the hottest summer weather. This affordable cooling headband holds MiraCool crystals that absorb 1000 times their weight in cold water!
  • Activates in Water
  • Hours of cooling relief!
  • Comfortablet o wear
  • Designed to cool important pulse points
  • MiraCool Crystals encased within the Headband hold a generous amount of cool water for highly effective evaporative cooling
  • 100% Cotton Fabric
As water evaporates, your pulse points are cooled, sending cooling sensations throughout the body. These 100% cotton headbands are longer and narrower than the MiraCool cooling bandana, but the headband is longer to ensures a secure tie. Don't sweat the summer heat this year. Use a Miracool cooling headband to stay cool and refreshed while you work or play in the searing sun.

MiraCool Cooling Crystals encased within the 100% cotton fabric absorb and hold up to 1000 times their weight in cool refreshing water. MiraCool Crystals work in combination with the evaporation process. When worn against head, neck or body, cooling sensations are passed to pulse points and carried throughout the body.

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Miracool Deluxe Cooling Headband Discontinued