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KewlFit Performance Enhancement Cooling Vest For Men

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KewlFit Performance Enhancement Vest

A convenient, comfortable alternative to traditional ice packs and gel packs, the KewlFit Performance Enhancement Vest cools the body to help maximize the benefits of a workout.

You can use the vest:

  • To pre-cool before you train to reduce cardiovascular strain and increase endurance*
  • During a workout for potential muscle building benefits similar to high altitude training
  • After your workout to cool down without the drastic temperature change of ice packs

The KewlFit Performance Enhancement Vest has a zippered front with a pair of removable 14°C Cool Pax (57 degrees Fahrenheit) tucked inside both the chest and back. These packs have been shown to effectively stimulate the body's brown fat, which can dramatically increase the user's metabolic rate.

The vest is washable and comes in a Kewler Carry Bag to maintain its temperature in transport.

*Studies have shown that athletes who pre-cool prior to a workout can perform at their highest level for 10-20% longer than athletes who don't.

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KewlFit Performance Enhancement Cooling Vest For Men