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HXT Microwavable Heated Fleece Hat - One Size Fits Most

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WHAT IS HXT?: HXT is a system that supplies external heat to various areas of the body. Hands, feet, head etc. The technology allows the amount of heat, delivered to the body, to be adjusted and directed to specific areas.HOW DOES IT WORK?: Specially designed packs, containing microwaveable materials, are placed in specially designed and patented heat chambers, These special heat chambers can be placed in many different accessories, hats, gloves, socks to name a few. Heat can be adjusted by increasing or decreasing the amount of time the pack is micro-waved. Heat can also be increased or decreased by adding or removing packs. Heat can be directed to specific areas depending on which heat chamber the packs are placed.HOW MANY TIMES CAN THE HXT GEL PACKS BE USED AND ARE THEY DURABLE?: HXT packs can be re-used an unlimited number of times and when used according to directions will last thru many winters.HOW LONG WILL HXT GEL PACKS PRODUCE HEAT?: There are a number of factors that determine heat time. Number of gel packs being used, microwave time, outside temperature, and personal warmth. However, the average time of heat production with microwaveable packs is up to 3 hours.
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HXT Microwavable Heated Fleece Hat - One Size Fits Most