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Herbal Concepts Flax Seed

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Herbal Concepts Flax Seed


Our flax is grown in the beautiful Willamette Valley. Nestled between 3 mountain ranges, the Willamette Valley has rich, fertile soil thanks to the Willamette River, which flows throughout the valley. Flax is rich in natural oils that produce moist relaxing heat when warmed. You can feel the difference in our herbal wraps. Pop one of our wraps in the microwave for a minute and you're on your way to the best home spa experience.


  • flax provides a gentle, moist heat
  • flax is 3040% oil
  • flax will retain heat longer than wheat, buckwheat hulls, rice or corn
  • flax contours muscles and provides gentle pressure
  • flax can be chilled to soothe fevers and reduce inflammation
  • this flax is not sold for consumption
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Herbal Concepts Flax Seed