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HeatTrak Watertight Cable Extender - 20 Inch

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HeatTrak Watertight Cable Extender - 20 Inch

All HeatTrak Residential Mats connect with one another using their built-in watertight connectors. In some instances, you may need a 20-Inch Cable Extender to create longer cable connections between mats. Follow this rule: Starting from the Power Unit, wherever a Residential Stair Mat leads to a Residential Walkway Mat you will need a 20 Inch Cable Extender.

Please see our Buying Guide for more information.

20-Inch Watertight Cable Extender can be used with Residential Walkway Mats (HR20-60, FG20-60), Residential Stair Mats (HR10-30, FG10-30, FG10-48), and Industrial Stair Mats ("HRT" Series). The cable extender is not compatible with Industrial Walkway Mats. Multiple cable extenders can be connected together to create custom length cables. The 20-Inch Cable Extender and 25-Foot Cable Extender can also be connected together.

Length of Cable Extender: 20 Inches

Cable Gauge: 14/3 SJTW

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HeatTrak Watertight Cable Extender - 20 Inch