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Gama Sonic Premier Solar Garden Light Set of 2

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The 2-pack of Gama Sonic's Premier Solar Garden Lights GS-139 is the perfect set of accent lights for illuminating paths or gardens. Installation is as simple as staking our solar lights where you want them, and that's it! There is no electrical wiring needed.

If you are in need of a replacement battery for this item - please click here for direct purchase of Replacement Gama Sonic 3.2V 800mAh Li-Ion Battery Pack.

Crafted with weather-resistant cast-aluminum and ribbed glass, this solar stake light will stand 17-inches tall once fully inserted into the ground, ensuring good visibility of light on your pathway or in your garden.

No electrical wiring is required during the installation process. Just place the outdoor solar accent light is a spot with direct sunshine.

At dusk, the Premier Solar Garden light's warm-white LEDs will automatically turn on at a brightness of 50 lumens and has a duration of 8 hours when the battery has been fully charged in direct sun during the day.

The monocrystalline solar panels are protected by weather-resistant, cleanable tempered glass that helps ensure long-lasting reliability.

The rechargeable/replaceable battery packs are good for about 1,000 charges. With proper setup for optimal sun exposure, a sunny day without cloud cover should be sufficient to provide a full recharge.

Recharging speed will vary based on weather conditions, but no charging will occur if the direct sun does not shine on the solar panel, so do not put the Premier Solar Garden lights in the shade.

At Gama Sonic, our goal is to build the world's best solar lights. For any product questions or unexpected issues with your Gama Sonic product, Gama Sonic support at our Atlanta headquarters is here to help.


  • Crafted with weather-resistant
  • Cast-aluminium construction and ribbed glass
  • Turns on automatically at dusk
  • Ensuring good visibility of light on your pathway or in your garden
  • No electrical wiring is required during the installation process
  • Outdoor solar accent light is a spot with direct sunshine

Technical Specifications:

  • Model #: GS-139
  • LED Color: 3100K
  • Lumens: 50
  • # of LEDs: 1
  • Battery: Li-ion
  • Voltage: 3.2V
  • Battery Capacity: 800 mAh
  • Power Source: Mono-Crystalline Solar Cell
  • Solar Panel: .8W
  • Light Duration: Up to 10 hours
  • Weight: 5 lbs
  • Dimensions: 14 x 9 x 9 in
  • Color Temperature: Warm White (3100K)
  • Measurements: 6 x 6 x 17 in

Gama Sonic is the world leader in solar lighting products for homes and businesses with over thousands of products installed worldwide.

Founded in 1985 as a manufacturing and marketing company of emergency lights and other electronic products, our products incorporate plastics, stainless steel, cast aluminum, electronics and OEM services in various markets.

Since 2001, Gama Sonic has introduced innovative and cost-effective outdoor solar powered lighting products that provide unsurpassed levels of illumination and reliability using our patented technology. We have developed more than 100 innovative solar lighting products.

Gama Sonic develops, manufactures and markets consumer and commercial/industrial-grade solar powered, energy efficient, custom lighting solutions for a wide range of lighting applications. Gama Sonic is committed to superior design, manufacturing, and customer satisfaction.


State-of-the-Art Technology:

Why Breakthrough Technology Matters

No matter what outdoor lighting challenges you face, choosing a technology-rich solution makes all the difference - and here's why. While solar-powered products have been around for some time, it took the research and development expertise of Gama Sonic engineers to create rechargeable lighting designs that outshine and outlast every major competitor. That means you'll enjoy a safer, more reliable, and more cost-effective investment for your lighting budget.

We Make Hi-Tech Beautiful

A technologically-advanced product won't mean much if it doesn't enhance the visual aesthetic of its environment. And that's why Gama Sonic consistently earns rave reviews for outdoor lighting products that are elegant, tasteful and eye-catching. We constantly stay ahead of the design curve by creating and testing product casings that fit a wide variety of residential and commercial decor. From the simple to the sophisticated, we have your style needs covered.

We'll Help You Save the Planet

The writing is on the wall - we must reduce our carbon footprint in order to ensure a habitable environment for the next generation. Gama Sonic can help you make an environmentally positive statement in your home or office with leading-edge technology designed to do just that. Our laser-focused approach to research, evaluation and development means the solar-powered lighting product that you select will exceed recommendations for clean, renewable energy use.

Our Patent Technologies

The GS Solar Light Bulb is a brand new patent technology that joins the conventional light bulb idea with outdoor solar lamps and posts. The GS Solar LED bulb paired with our patented cone reflector boasts a 10-year operational life in an elegant, classic design. This unique combination not only blasts a warm and inviting blanket of light across an area, it also gives the lantern a refined, traditional look that resembles a standard electrical light bulb.

Tech Spotlight: GS Solar LED

A marvel of modern solar lighting technology, our GS Solar LED light bulb replicates the conventional look and feel of the traditional bulb in outdoor solar-powered lamps and posts and boasts a 10-year lifespan.

  • Blanket illumination
  • Dusk-to-dawn performance
  • Wire-free installation
  • Customized operation
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Gama Sonic Premier Solar Garden Light Set of 2