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Fireglass+ Jade Reflective Fire Glass 10lbs bag

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Fireglass+ 1/4" Reflective fire pit glass amplifies the intensity of the color, creating a more vibrant and mesmerizing flame. Your fire pit will have extra appeal as the mirror-like finish reflects natural sunlight during the day and the flicker of flame at night. Choose from our variety of colors to match your décor or mix two or more colors together to create your own unique color combination. You can also add a dynamic burst of color with the addition of our accent fire pit glass.

Fireglass+ 1/4" reflective fire pit glass is made specifically for gas fire pits with a unique five-step exclusive process, making them the highest quality product on the market. All of the glass we use is brand new and unused. The process begins with sheets of ¼ inch glass that have been infused with color, which are broken and then tumbled to remove the sharp edges. Our reflective glass goes through an additional process before it is broken, which employs a technology creating a mirror-like finish, allowing it to reflect flame, sunshine and even interior lighting.

Fireglass+ reflective fire pit glass generates more heat than ceramic logs and uses less gas, making it highly energy-efficient. It will not melt, degrade or emit toxic fumes. Nor will it create soot, ash or smoke.

FireGlass+  introduces a completely new alternative and solution for fireplaces, fire tables and fire pits by using tempered glass. This creative alternative allows jewel like glass crystals to last a lifetime without ever burning, melting and most important of all no discoloring or toxic fumes.  Fire glass is growing popularity amongst designers, landscapers, architects and home owners alike. Its modern versatile assortment of colors illuminates your interior's or exterior's ambience. Increase the visual look of your fireplace or fire pit by giving it a custom and vibrant finish.

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Fireglass+ Jade Reflective Fire Glass 10lbs bag