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Due North All Purpose Ice Traction Aid - Get-A-Grip Advanced

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DueNorth All-Purpose Traction aid (also known as Get-A-Grip Advanced) is great for all winter conditions, all footwear, all outdoor activity.

Tired of slipping and falling on slick ice and snow? The Due North All Purpose Traction Aids are great for keep you safe and stable in those terrible weather conditions. The All Purpose is perfect for anyone who walks, runs, or works outdoors, no matter what their age. The increased traction on your shoes helps to prevent slips and falls on snow and ice. This helps in reducing the risk of pulled muscles, fractures, and back problems caused by quick slips or falls. Check out our size chart below for the perfect fit!

Due North All-Purpose/ Get-A-Grip Advanced Features:

  • Easy On/Off
  • Provides instant traction on Ice, Snow and Mud
  • 6 replaceable Ice Diamond tungsten carbide spikes for maximum grip
  • Spike diamond pattern allows more push off and lateral grip
  • Bi-directional tread for added traction
  • Special compound rubber retains elasticity and fit in all temperatures
  • Quick Fit support rings and holes provide easy adjustment and easier on and off
  • Wide, thick heel strap gives better grip, durability and longer wear
  • No straps, snaps or buckles
  • Lightweight & Compact

Designed for people who want more stability and confidence on ice and snow. The All Purpose is ideal for anyone who walks, runs or works outdoors, no matter what age. Increased traction helps to prevent slips and falls on snow and ice, reducing the risk of pulled muscles, fractures and back problems caused by quick slips or falls.

Due North Traction Aid Review:
"Since receiving my pair of Due North All Purpose Oversized Traction Aids, I use them every time I go out ice fishing. They are fantastic. The people I have fished with, outdoor writers, TV hosts and friends, thought they were easy to use, and you really GOT A GRIP on the ice but still had the comfort of your boots, instead of the bulky arch breaking ice cleat that straps on or slides onto your boot. I have now incorporated them into my slide presentation and articles I write."
- Mark Martin, Professional Fisherman

Since the day we were founded, Sure Foot has been a leader in the shoe products industry, and for over Thirty years we have continued to prove that great things come in small packages. Our products, inspired by necessity, simplicity and love for the outdoors, are all based on innovative concepts with a focus on superior design, function and value.

Since the Sure Foot Non-Skid debuted in 1984, we've launched a stream of innovative products ranging from Specialty Adhesives to Winter Traction Aids. Whether it's for the casual athlete, the demanding outdoor enthusiast or the progressive manufacturer, our products are designed to excel in a variety of elements for all-purpose and everyday use, and we take pride in our use of quality materials that deliver the best results.

Headquartered in the Red River Valley of North Dakota, we have the ability to test our products in the most extreme weather conditions, and research what makes our customers feel comfortable and secure while using those products. Inspired by our surroundings and the needs of our customers, Sure Foot is dedicated to continuing to bring innovative solutions and products to our customers and distributors worldwide.

Injuries caused by slips and falls are the third largest cause of workplace injuries according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Injuries caused by slips and falls are the single largest cause of Emergency Room visits according to the National Safety Council.

The Importance of Preventing Slips and Falls:

  • Reduce risk of injury
  • Reduce workplace injury
  • Increase productivity

WARNING: DueNorth traction aids help give you traction when you are on the move on ice and snow. However, because no product can completely prevent a slip or fall on slippery surfaces, remember to exercise care when walking or running in DueNorth traction aids. Caution should be taken when moving on any hard or polished surface such as granite or marble and on ladders or when driving a vehicle. DueNorth traction aids may damage certain flooring surfaces.

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Due North All Purpose Ice Traction Aid - Get-A-Grip Advanced