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Dr. Cool Chillband Run 2" Reversible Headband

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Dr. Cool's Women's Headband Studio cooling headbands provide chemical-free comfort and cooling. They are made using Coolcore's patented cooling technology, which provides three distinct functions - wicking, moisture circulation and regulated evaporation. The result is a stylish accessory piece that can go from "work out" to "out and about" with ease.


  • Headband Studio is the perfect accessory for long runs, bike training or a workout in the gym
  • They can be worn under a helmet or to hold the hair during a run
  • At 10cm wide it was designed to absorb sweat during training with style
  • It is light, chemical-free and machine washable
  • To activate the cooling function just get wet, take off excess water and rock!
  • 88% Polyester 12% Spandex
  • Hypoallergenic and chemical-free
  • Metallic logo heatseal
  • 4" Wide at front
  • Comfort elastic back at nape of neck for perfect fit

Usage Info:

Dr. Cool's Women's Studio headband is the perfect cooling headband for any activity whether it's running, hiking, kayaking, tennis, crossfit or yoga. The stylish design will easily transitions from 'workout' to ‘out and about'. Not only will this headband keep unruly locks out of your face, but it will do so while keeping you cool and comfortable.


Dr. Cool is the latest line from Coolcore, a New England-based material innovation company specializing in thermo-regulating fabrics. Dr. Cool's Recovery-On-The-Go wraps are the first and only flexible fabric solution to combine ice and compression for anyone seeking relief from life's bumps, sprains, aches, and bruises.

Wrap your bumps, bruises sprains and excuses in a Dr. Cool recovery wrap. Ice and compression therapy woven into one convenient wrap that goes everywhere you go!

Coolcore's cooling material innovation has undergone over four years of lab and field testing and recently became the first US Company to receive the "Innovative Technology" recognition from the world-renowned Hohenstein Institute recognized globally since 1946 for its market leading testing systems serving the textile industry.


Traditionally, cooling has been achieved using immobile air conditioning, ice packs and fabrics covered in chemicals that wick away sweat, keeping us dry when we perform. These previous methods do not necessarily cool and typically degrade over time.

Coolcore provides a cooling solution that goes beyond traditional moisture-management fabrics or evaporative cooling technologies that rely on chemicals or polymer crystal treatments. The result is a technology that keeps you cooler, drier and more comfortable with a competitive advantage.


A Unique combination of blended yarns that deliver 3 distinct functions:

  • Cooler: up to 30% lower surface temperature
  • Drier: non-clinging and non-saturating
  • Healthier: non-chemical
  • Longer: zero degradation over time
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    Dr. Cool Chillband Run 2" Reversible Headband