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Cozy Products Electric Foot Warmer Mat - Large

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Stay cozy with Super Footwarmer\xBB, Cozy Product\xCDs biggest floor heating mat yet. Warming your feet, legs or floors is cheap and easy with this electric floor heater. This insulated heating mat is made with durable recycled rubber. It is multifunctional, with uses either indoors or outdoors. Super Footwarmer is great for entryways, offices, garages or workshops. Its versatility makes it a practical heating mat for use nearly anywhere.

Using radiant heating, Super Footwarmer emits a steady flow of gentle warmth. Leave shoes or boots on this electric heating mat for hours with no worries; Super Footwarmer never gets too hot to the touch and it will never overheat. This heating technology is much safer and cheaper than space heaters. It will cut your heating costs by 75% or more; Super Footwarmer uses only one-tenth the energy that typical space heaters do.

Multifunctional and inexpensive, Super Footwarmer is the safest, most cost-effective way to help keep you warm. Just plug in this electrical heating mat and get cozy. Super Footwarmer is the best investment for your comfort this winter.

Large Heated Floor Mat

Keep Cozy\xBB with Foot Warmer! Super Foot Warmer the larger variation of our Foot Warmer heated floor mat. This large heated floor mat that emits gentle radiant warmth to heat feet and legs directly. Made with heavy-duty recycled rubber, this waterproof heated floor mat uses one-tenth the energy of a space heater while being ten times more effective. Super Foot Warmer is great for any situation where you need to keep your feet, shoes, or floors warm for extended periods of time. Use this large heated floor mat anywhere! Super Foot Warmer Large Heated Mat Benefits: LOW ELECTRICITY COST More energy efficient than space heaters since it uses radiant energy. Super Foot Warmer heats the body directly without a lot of wasted heat. Heats your personal space - not a whole room, which wastes energy and money. MULTI-FUNCTIONAL Super Foot Warmer also dries boots and shoes. SAFE Super Foot Warmer offers no risk of carbon monoxide poisoning or fires since there is no blowing air. COMFORTABLE Not hot to the touch, this heated floor mat improves comfort and work performance. SAVES "GREEN" BY BEING "GREEN" Made from Recycled Rubber Uses less energy than traditional space heaters - cuts costs by 75% or more. DIMENSIONS 11 lbs. Size: 16" x 36" x _" 135 watts, 1.2 amps ETL Listed CSA Certified
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Cozy Products Electric Foot Warmer Mat - Large