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Cortech Journey FC Balaclava

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A combination of Coolmax, Wind-Shark and three-layer waterproof fleece, the Journey FC Balaclava is a must when conditions turn for the worst.


  • Highly breathable moisture-wicking material
  • Coolmax combined with three-layer waterproof fleece
  • Ergonomic patterning
  • Flat-Lock stitching
  • Wind-Shark neck

The Cortech Story

Cortech brings a wide range of products to performance riders. Thus it is important that you understand that Cortech is not just about racing. Cortech is all about enhancing performance within the highest performance categories of riding whether it be in sport bikes, sport-touring, adventure touring, dual-sport riding, as well as for snow-cross and snowmobiling. This dedication to enhancing performance drives everything we do with Cortech products, no matter the segment or use. From materials selection to the design and cut of the garment, overall product design and feature used are all focused to provide performance riders great products that enhance their riding experience, allowing them to ride better, longer and more efficiently. That is our goal - Performance Enhancement. Cortech utilizes the feedback of many pro-level riders and road racers in the design and construction of our products. By thoroughly understanding the performance needs of these riders across several design areas, we can combine and fine tune our products to offer performance enhancement across:

  • Weather Resistance
  • Seam Construction and Placement
  • Ventilation Performance
  • Abrasion Resistance
  • Armor Design, Positioning and Placement
  • Adjusting and Fine Tuning Fit
  • Luggage Fitment and Mounting Systems
  • Glove Fit, Comfort and finish
  • Boot Protection and Comfort
  • Accessory Storage

Cortech maximizes the understanding of these needs to design and produce products specifically engineered to excel in each and every one of those parameters. To further understand Cortech’s various features and technologies, click to for a complete list and description of what makes Cortech gear as good as it is across those areas.

The role of RACING with our products:

Cortech supports several top level and professional competition riders, and in doing so we have very specific goals. When Cortech agrees to provide support to a pro racer, industry pro or high level amateur competitor, it is with some very specific objectives in mind. These include:

  • Does this rider want to work with us in terms of providing feedback and direction in design?
  • Is the rider consistent in his or her feedback to help us effectively evolve our products?
  • Are the insights offered by a rider able to be applied effectively to products produced for sale?

Needless to say Cortech, has little interest in working with a pro racer if he or she can't help us further enhance our production for our customers. Yes, results on the track are important to us too, but the real value in working with industry and racing pros is in augmenting product development, technology exploration and testing, not just getting their picture taken with our logo on the podium.

Thus, we've been very fortunate to have been associated with a number of premier road racers.

Here's just a partial list of those pros who've helped bring Cortech to the forefront:

  • Larry Pegram
  • Cameron Beaubier
  • Chris Clark
  • Tommy Aquino
  • Jake Lewis
  • Jake Holden
  • Josh Day
  • Chris Peris

And many more world class pro riders. For a complete list of Cortech current sponsored riders, please click to In addition to using riders, our factory capabilities also use the latest state of the art computerized testing equipment to better understand every day impacts on motorcycle gear including such issues as:

  • The effects of heat and UV rays on product life
  • Repetitive stress on fabrics and seams
  • Abrasion resistance across several measures to help ensure best practice protection
  • Humidity and temperature impacts
  • The stress on fasteners
  • The effectiveness of ventilation and insulation systems in garments at speed
  • The placement of flexible panels on rider comfort
  • The placement and anchoring of protective armor


Cortech continues to lead the market in many ways. Ride Enhancing Technology. Useful Features. Sharp Styling. Value for Your Money, and more. As Cortech continues to grow and develop new products, we will leave no concept unconsidered. As new performance motorcycling segments come into focus, Cortech will be there. And Cortech pledges to take the needs of those performance riders (and the demands of their rides) first and foremost into our thinking as we develop and test the best gear on the market. Cortech. Performance Enhanced.

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Cortech Journey FC Balaclava