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CoreGear Ultra Cool Jr. 1.0 Liter Pump Mister & Sprayer With Neoprene Jacket

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Our slim 1 Liter COREGEAR USA Misters ULTRA COOL JR Personal Mister & Sprayer will keep you cool all day long, with an even more portable size - and combined with the 4mm thick neoprene Cool Sleeve, your water will stay nice and cold longer! The 30 ounce bottle has a wide neck, making it easy to fill with ice and water. No batteries required - after 10 pumps, it's ready to spray a fine mist that actually temporarily reduces the air temperature. The solid brass nozzle adjusts the spray from a fine, cooling mist to a water gun-like stream. The mister comes with a lanyard and carabiner-styled bag/belt clip for easy portability.

CoreGear started with one simple need: The need to cool down on a hot day.

Our focus is on providing awesome yet affordable products to the marketplace. Our simple, battery-free personal sports mister pump spray bottle, is being shared with the world - youth athletes, soccer moms, outdoor concertgoers, gardeners, and even pet owners - because we knew these colorful, portable bottles could change your life as much as they've changed ours. With that, the USA Misters brand was born.

Over time, we discovered more products that fit with our original goal to make life outdoors comfortable, including our Chillers PVA Reusable Personal Cooling Towels. Our products are not just about comfort, they're about keeping your body and life balanced to its core. With that in mind, and an expanded offering of products, we soon became CoreGear.

We offer great products at great prices, sold directly to customers through our online store, other online retailers, brick & mortar stores, as well as to wholesale dealers and non-profit youth sports leagues.

How do I properly pressurize my CoreGear USA Misters Personal Mister & Sprayer Bottle?

Fill with water to the fill line, replace handle and screw on tightly making sure that lanyard/carrying strap is not caught in the threads, and pump 10 times.

How do I properly adjust the nozzle from Mist to Spray modes?

The brass tip is threaded for easy maneuvering between mist mode and spray mode. For misting, turn the nozzle tip all the way to the left. As you rotate the nozzle tip to the right, the mist will change to a spray.

May I leave my COREGEAR USA Misters Personal Mister & Sprayer Bottle inside a hot car and in direct sunlight?

Not advisable. Your new mister is made from high quality, heavy duty plastic. Still, it may be damaged and warp if left in direct sunlight inside a vehicle.

I just received my CoreGear USA Misters Personal Mister & Sprayer Bottle and there appears to be water in it. Is it used?

We assure you, your CoreGear USA Misters Personal Mister & Sprayer Bottle is brand new, never touched and never used. That being said, during the manufacturing process, testing is done to ensure proper function. You may find residual water droplets in the nozzle and bottle from this testing.

The nozzle on my CoreGear USA Misters Personal Mister & Sprayer Bottle blows out in a steady stream instead of a fine mist, what can I do?

This usually indicates a clogged nozzle; these nozzles are very sensitive to hard water, and you should only use purified or distilled water in your mister to preserve the life of the nozzle. If tapping the nozzle on a hard surface to dislodge any mineral accumulation does not fix the problem, try soaking the nozzle in a small amount of distilled white vinegar overnight. In the event these methods do not restore your nozzle’s function, you may need to purchase a new nozzle here.

How do I replace the CoreGear USA Misters Personal Mister & Sprayer Bottle nozzle?

First, remove the nozzle that is installed on the handle by unscrewing it in a counter-clockwise direction. The nozzle contains a white seal inside and when removed from the handle, the seal almost always remains inside the handle. Remove the white seal from the handle. Screw on the new nozzle onto the handle.

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CoreGear Ultra Cool Jr. 1.0 Liter Pump Mister & Sprayer With Neoprene Jacket