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Coolture FlexiCool Vest with CoolPaks

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Size 1: 110 - 160 LBS

Size 2: 160 -300 LBS

The FLEXI-COOL VEST fits most heights, weights, and widths.
  • One Size
  • Includes Coolpacks
  • Premium Performance
  • Sleek Fit
One of our first goals after introducing the Coolture Signature Cooling Vest in 2013 was to offer a lower-priced cooling solution for on-the-job cooling with the same Coolture quality but without the bells and whistles. This seemingly simple goal proved challenging because of our commitment to our Mission Statement and Commitment to Quality.MANUFACTURING: Every USA Made garment is inspected for quality. MATERIALS: Durable performance fabrics look good, last long. DESIGN: The difference is in the details -- Coolture designs for fit, function, and finesse. "Wrap Flaps" secure the FlexiCool Vest first to the front of your body, then to the back. The belt fastening was designed to hold the vest snug without revealing the unsightly hook-and-loop strips that are common to cooling vests. The same Coolture CoolPaks that cool you in the summer -- can also be heated to warm you in the winter! Heat your CoolPaks in the microwave for one minute before inserting into your FlexiCool Vest.


There are ice packs, there are gel packs, and then there are Coolture CoolPaks

Third Party Scientific Testing determined that Coolture CoolPaks provide a longer-lasting release of cooling than competitor brands -- and even longer when used within the Coolture Cooling Vest.

Colder and lighter than ice or gel, the performance of the Coolture CoolPaks is further enhanced by the Outlast® technology that comprises the garment's lining. This "space age" technology was developed for NASA for its ability to absorb and store body heat.  For Coolture, this technology also prevents the shock of cold associated with other cooling vests. 

Adaptation:  Much like jumping into a cold swimming pool, eventually you will "adapt" to the cooler temperature, causing you to believe that the "cold" has ceased.  As we all know (thanks to co

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Coolture FlexiCool Vest with CoolPaks