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CoolDog Replacement Ice Mat

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Contains One (1)Replacement 12" x 24" Ice Mat for our unique patent-pending CoolDog pet ice mat.
  • Keep one in the freezer and use the other for the dog for all day continuous cooling.
  • Can also be used separately as an ice mat for cooling food, icing injuries (for yourself or your pet!)
  • One side is insulated directing the cool towards the dog and not the ground.
  • SAFE NON-TOXIC: Our insert mat is Made in USA with purified water, safe for dogs, cats and all animals.
  • BPA FREE: Our ice mats are BPA-free
  • Flexible when frozen!
  • Built in hinges allow ice mat and CoolDog\xBB to be flexible when frozen.

Ice Mats - Made in USA on automated USA machines, using purified water and non-toxic preservative additive.
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CoolDog Replacement Ice Mat