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Comfort Wear Super Heated Scarf Max - Under Jacket Heating System

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We think of this product as much more than a heated scarf. It is more like an under jacket heating system. The innovative back panel provides heat to not only your chest, but to your neck and back area as well. The back panel is detachable to transform the product into a traditional scarf. With this product, there is no need to buy a separate heated jacket. Put this under any of your current outerwear and get warm, stay warm! One size fits all and unisex.

Sports Ideal for Heated Comfortwear

Superior Construction:

  • Perimeter heating in upper back, both ends of under jacket, and neck controlled by LED controller switch.
  • Detachable panel if back heating is unwanted.
  • Velcro Battery Pocket for easy access and so that you never lose your battery.
  • Large velcro pocket on front of scarf to hold your phone and other items.
  • Washable.

Lightweight, Long-lasting Batteries:

  • Receive up to 4 hours (depending on temperature setting) of battery use on one charge.
  • Includes one lightweight high capacity Lithium-polymer battery, 1 universal adapter/charger
  • Battery is rechargeable up to 500 times.

Easy Activation:

  • Push button LED controller on the front of the scarf makes it easy to activate the heat.
  • 3 temperature settings: Low, Medium, High.

Pushbutton Controller Operation:

  • To turn on, push and hold the LED button for 3 seconds or until the light comes on. The jacket is On at High setting. To turn off, push and hold the controller button for 3 seconds or until the light turns off.
  • Press the LED button to repeat cycle (H/M/L)
    • Mode 1 Red LED indicates HIGH temperature setting
    • Mode 2 White LED indicates MEDIUM temperature setting
    • Mode 3 Blue LED indicates LOW temperature setting

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Comfortwear International Inc., established since 1995, is a global export company in America that specializes in Functional Apparel. Comfortwear has been developing heated textile products for many years. Our headquarters, located in Chesapeake, Virginia, coordinates sales activities, develops and produces material, heaters and other key materials.

Designing and developing a lot of new items every season, we supply various products with excellent quality, stable delivery and competitive prices. We have been gaining very successful reputation from the worldwide market.
Our heating clothing is made of functional fabrics and employes carbon fiber or metal wires/robbins heaters and with Lithium Ion batteries, that gerenates and keeps heat efficiently and effectively. Wearing our heating clothing in cold winter makes you feel warm, comfortable and convenient. Our fashionable designs makes you feel comfortable in harsh weather. We are proud to say that Comfortwear is a great choice for comfortable, functional, fashions for the everyday person.

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Comfort Wear Super Heated Scarf Max - Under Jacket Heating System