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Chillow Pillow - As Seen on TV

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The Chillow Cooling Pillow helps relieve night sweats, hot flashes, fever and more! The Chillow Cooling Pad continuously circulates water to absorb and release body heat. Once activated, the Chillow Cooling Pad allows you to customize your level of comfort from cool to coolest depending on your room temperature.


Use the Chillow and you will never again long for a cool spot. Whether it's your pillow or your back, the soft cooling sensation will create comfort you can't resist. Patented SoothSoft Comfort Technology provides a unique fluid-cool, cushioning memory foam effect that is steady and long lasting.

Relieve migraines, hot flashes, and sleepless nights with the Chillow. This pillow cooling device creates the lasting cool spot on your pillow that will bring you cooling relief throughout the night.
  • Measures: 21" x 12"
  • Cooling Comfort
  • Natural Water-Cooled TEchnology
  • No Refrigeration Required (may be refrigerated if desired)
  • Non-Toxic and Latex-Free
  • Hypoallergenic Medical Grade Materiel

The Chillow is like an oasis for your pillow - cool, soothing, and relaxing. This added comfort increases your chances for better, more restful sleep. It's like sleeping in the shade with a gentle breeze.

The Chillow device uses new SoothSoft Comfort Technology. SoothSoft products feel like this without refrigeration - Very Cool, Lightly Cool, Perfectly Comfortable! This sensation is soothing, relaxing, very unique, and incredibly desirable! Try it and see!

How The Chillow Works: The Chillow Cooling Pillow works as a personal radiator to take heat from your body and dissipate it back into the air. Powered by a special combination of materials, the Chillow uses patented Fluid-Cool Technology that cools and soothes your body. By combining the right materials and an ingenious design, the Chillow stays at room temperature which is always cooler than your body. It absorbs heat from your body and releases it into the air around you. The Chillow is meant to be pleasantly cool, but not cold because cold is uncomfortable to our bodies.

An Amazing Cooling Sensation! The Chillow acts as a cooling system for your whole body. It uses water to absorb, and then dissipate heat back to the surrounding air, leaving a cool sensation. It stays dry on the outside, and does not need refrigeration. You will love how relaxing the coolness feels.
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Chillow Pillow - As Seen on TV