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BrewDemon Craft Beer Starter Signature Kit

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Makes 2 gallons of wicked-good beer in just 14 days!


When you take professional pride in the beer you brew, you want to be using the Signature Beer Kit. This kit has all you’ll ever need to be part of the Craft Beer Revolution and create beer with flavor and character.

You’ll be brewing one of our most popular Signature Series recipes. It’s 100% all malt beer, full bodied and flavorful with a rich golden color and a balanced hop presence. You’ll enjoy swilling this beer. Beer is not for sitting and sipping. That’s tea. (a different Revolution.)

Speaking of Revolution, that best describes the world’s first (patent pending) small batch conical fermenter which is included with this kit. It allows you to brew batch after batch and always with great results. It’s designed that way. You get plenty of other brewing equipment with this kit; all you’ll ever need.

The Signature Beer Kit comes with a full set of logoed PET bottles, caps and a professional bottle filler system. When you’re a pro you need professional equipment and a professional looking finished product. That’s why this kit’s for you.

Anybody asks, let people know; this is the gift for the pro.


Kit Includes

  • (1) Conical Fermenter
  • (1) Fermenter Base
  • (1) Adjustable Flow Tap Assembly
  • (1) Venting Plug
  • (1) Stick-on Temperature Gauge
  • (1) Of Our Most Popular Signature Recipes (One Evil Pilsner)
  • (2) Packets of Dry Brewing Yeast
  • (1) Packet of One Step No-Rinse Cleanser
  • (8) Plastic Amber 1 Liter Bottles & Reusable Caps
  • (8) Custom Bottle Labels
  • (1) Bottle Filler & Hose
  • (1) Heat Tolerant Plastic Mixing Spoon
  • (1) Easy to Follow Brewing Instruction


Brewing Note

Sanitize everything that comes in contact with your beer.





1. Sanitize Your Equipment

This is the most important step in the brewing process. It kills any bacteria, wild yeast and mold that can cause off-flavors in your beer. It’s important to sanitize everything that comes in contact with your beer. This step should take about 15 minutes.

  • 1. In a container, dissolve half (1 tbsp) of the One Step No-Rinse Cleanser into a gallon of warm water. Shake until the cleanser has completely dissolved. Save the other half of the cleanser for bottling.
  • 2.Pour solution into the fermenter, screw on the lid and place your venting plug into its hole. Cover venting plug and swirl the solution around making sure it contacts the entire inside surface including the lid.
  • 3.Open and close the tap several times to sanitize the inner surface.
  • 4.Place your mixing spoon(s), measuring cup and can opener* inside the fermenter. Careful not to scratch the inside surface. Allow it to soak a minimum of 10 minutes.
  • 5.Drain fermenter. Remove your utensils and place them on a clean paper towel. No rinsing is required. You can alternatively sanitize a plate or bowl to use as a utensil rest.
*If needed. Can opener must be sanitized before using.
2. Making This Beer

Our mixes contain malted extract and hops ready for fermentation. Just add water and the included yeast. Since beer is mostly water, the better the water the better your beer. This step should take about 30 minutes.

  • 1.Fill your fermenter with a gallon of cold water. For best results, use bottled spring water or charcoal-filtered tap water.
  • 2.Remove yeast packet(s) from under the lid of your beer mix and stand both cans in a tub of hot tap water. This will help them pour more easily.
  • 3.Place 4 cups of water into a clean 3-quart pot and bring to a boil.
  • 4.Remove from heat. Then slowly stir in the contents from both cans until they have fully dissolved.This mixture is called the wort.
  • 5.Pour the wort into the fermenter. Bring the volume of the fermenter up to the 8.5-quart mark by adding more water. Mix thoroughly. Read the thermometer and wait until the temperature of the wort is between 64°- 82° F before adding the yeast.
  • 6.Add the yeast. Then attach your lid. (If using an airlock attach it now).
  • 7.Place the fermenter out of direct sunlight and maintain a temperature between 64°- 82° F for approximately 7 days.
And Now You Wait

After 7 days the beer in your fermenter should have stopped fermenting and begun to clear. It's now time to bottle! If you're not sure, draw a small amount from the tap; if it tastes like flat beer, it's ready to bottle. If it tastes sweet, give it a few more days

3. Carbonating Your Beer

Since nobody likes flat beer we need to add carbonation. It is normal for this process to create a small amount of yeast sediment at the bottom of each bottle. This step should take about 45 minutes.

  • 1.Dissolve the remaining One Step into a gallon of warm water. 
  • 2.Fill each bottle half full with solution, place caps on (just a few turns) and shake a few times.Allow them to sit for a minimum of 10 minutes.
  • 3.Remove caps and empty bottles. No rinsing is required.
  • 4.Add 2-1/2 teaspoons of white granulated sugar to each bottle. If you’re using bottles other than what came with the kit, see the priming sugar chart above for the correct sugar amount.
  • 5.Using the tap, fill ea
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BrewDemon Craft Beer Starter Signature Kit