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Black Ice UTX Hand Held Cool Therapy System

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Break out of the Ice Age with Black Ice CoolTherapy. The UTX is a hand-held CoolTherapy System for bumps, bruises, stings, insect bites and minor burns. With its lightweight and compact design, it's also perfect for soothing irritated skin after cosmetic surgery or even for taking the edge off a toothache.

Contains: 1 Neoprene Cover, 2 UTX Black Ice Packs

A revolutionary leap beyond cryotherapy products based on ice or gels, Black Ice CoolTherapy Systems provide all the therapeutic benefits of traditional cold therapy?reduced swelling, drug-free pain relief and more?without dragging along prehistoric problems like timed application, unbearable pain, skin barriers and the ever-present threat of frost bite.

Black Ice Hand Held

Cold therapy?without the cold: Don't you hate ice burn? With an output of 32?F, ice and frozen gels are just too painful to use on an injury. Like the sophisticated cold therapy pumps used in hospitals, Black Ice CoolTherapy Packs deliver regulated cooling at 52?F?a temperature that's effective for cold therapy, yet still comfortable enough to apply directly to your skin.

No skin barriers, no timers, no worries. Black Ice is as simple as it is cool. Just follow these three easy steps and begin your recovery using effective and comfortable CoolTherapy.

  • Step 1: CHARGE! You can charge in a Freezer for 1.5 Hr, Refrigerator for 4 Hr, or in Ice Water for 1 Hr.
  • Step 2: MOUNT! Use the built-in hook-and-loop fasteners to mount your Modular Cooling Pack to the CoolTherapy Pad.
  • Step 3: Apply! Simply place the UTX over the injury site, being sure the cooling pack directly contacts injured area. Apply additional pressure as desired. Swap packs when needed.
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    Black Ice UTX Hand Held Cool Therapy System