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Bear Hands Bear Paw Fleece Mittens for Adults

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Join in the fun with these Beary warm and Thinsulate lined fleece mittens. They allow you to access your hand through a secret flap at the palm, making it easy to: find your keys, answer your phone and text friends & blow your nose and much more... without dropping a mitten!


  • Thinsulate lined water repellent polyester polar fleece
  • Drawstring closure at the wrist keeps out cold & snow
  • Black, non-slip PVC pads resemble an animal's paw
  • Oversized mitten styling keeps fingers altogether & oh, so cozy
  • Hand wash, line dry

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  • Women/Petite - Small
  • Women/Large - Medium
  • Men/Average - Medium
  • Men/Large - Large

Why Bear Hands?

These mittens are warmer than gloves because the fingers are all in a single compartment allowing body heat can accumulate easier. Bear Hands mittens even allow the thumb in the same compartment as the fingers!

Bear Hands are designed with very unique finger tip areas that allow almost the same dexterity of a glove. The amazing paw shape is an innovative approach to combining the warmth of mittens with the ability to still use your fingertips. Secret flap allows for instant access to your bare hands!

Everyone knows that mittens are easier to put on then fingered gloves (especially with toddlers and little kids.) Even the separated thumb can be a hassle, but these Bear Hands allow all five digits to fit in a single compartment.

On a ski trip in 2002, Jeff and Zach Golden decided there had to be a better way to keep your hands warm and still access your fingers to wipe your goggles, blow your nose, etc, without removing your gloves on the ski lift. After a year and a half of Research & Development, the father and son team partnered up with their resident "buddy" Mike Wolinsky, and came up with BearHands. Combining fun and functionality, BearHands are unique, super-warm, ThinsulateTM lined, paw-shaped mittens that allow you to access your bare hand through a secret Velcro flap.

Accompanying their mittens is the adorable "buddy" line of products developed by designer Julie Dennis, who serves as in-house designer and production co-coordinator. Buddy line items include scarves, hats, ponchos, baseball caps and sun hats. There are many colors and animals to choose from. Buddy accessories allow children to snuggle with their animal friends while leaving their hands free to play.

BearHands & Buddies products are everyday items that have been recreated in a unique way and appeal to people of all ages...simply put, BearHands & Buddies put the fun in FUNctionality and find smiles wherever they go!

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Bear Hands Bear Paw Fleece Mittens for Adults