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Bar Mitts Cowhorn Bullhorn Handlebar Mitts

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Bar Mitts Cowhorn Bullhorn Handlebar Mitts

Bar Mitts offers you mitts for your cowhorn and bullhorn handlebar mitts. Waterproof and easy to use, all you need to do is attach them to your bicycle bars and your ready to go. Easy access to keep your hands warm with the open entry and shape. Keep your hands warm and toasty when you need it most!


  • One size fits all, black
  • Waterproof, 5 mm thick neoprene with nylon lamination on each side
  • Neoprene has a closed cell construction that features closed air bubbles that serve as insulators
  • Will NOT work with the shifter on right bar end. Custom work to add extra neoprene would be needed
  • Reflective material on seam & logo
  • Those who suffer from Raynaud's or numb, cold hands due to the cold, wind, rain or snow can continue to ride in comfort
  • Bar Mitts stay open & stiff, allowing easy access & removal of hands

BAR MITTS evolved from many years of hang gliding and cold winter rides. Hang gliding mitts are used on a straight steering control bar. From taking the hand gliding mitts and putting them on top of bicycle handle bars, the idea was created to make Bar Mitts. However, as one can imagine, not being on the shifter and brake levers had its downfalls especially when it came to descents and emergency braking on the bike. After designing various prototyes that enclosed the shifter and brake levers, the creator of Bar Mitts developed the perfect mitts to keep cyclists warm while they are out on their bikes.

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Bar Mitts Cowhorn Bullhorn Handlebar Mitts